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Poetry Slam: Salt Lake City

What is a Poetry Slam?A poetry slam is spoken word poetry in witch poetry is being performed. The poet has 3 minutes to perform their original piece in which they will be judged by 5 random people in the crowd. These judges have never been to a slam and don’t know any of the contestants. They will judge their work on performance and the content of the poem. They are judged on a scale from 1-10 with one decimal point; the lowest and highest score will be dropped and the 3 middle scores will be accumulated. 

Telling a Story

It’s expressing yourself in a way that sets your soul free. Your own experience has a message to send and through spoken word you can share it with the world. Through poetry slams you find a connection with the stage and the audience. Salt Lake has some amazing poets that leave you with goose bumps. Their words flow out like rain from the sky except this time you don’t find yourself running away instead you sit there consuming every sound, letter and word.                                                 


Connecting on a deeper level with yourself and your poetry! Every phrase, sentence and word is a memory; it’s a piece of what your soul has been captive by. A poetry slam is not just a competition to see whose work is more creative! NO! I like to think of it as a stage that has been set up for 3 minutes for you to speak to someone else out there that feels just like you or that can relate to you. That just for those 3 minutes you don’t feel so alone! 


Getting Involved

Next time you’re feeling ingenious and find yourself with some spare time, Write!! If writing poetry isn’t for you then you ought to go to a poetry slam! 

Weller Book Works

Last Monday of every month

Open mic at 8:00

665 E. 600 South, Trolley Square SLC Downtown



Watchtower Coffee in Sugarhouse

Second Thursday of every month

The Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop

Open Mic every Sunday!

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