Podcasts You Should Keep Your Eye On

Podcasts are really all the rage right now - something I find interesting, yet refreshing, in this age of visual media. New ones are popping up left and right, and suddenly, every YouTuber and influencer and author has their own podcast series in addition to their original medium of choice. Not that I'm complaining at all - I love listening to podcasts! I got hooked on them a few years ago, when they were just starting to get popular, when my dad introduced me to "Serial," which is kind of a murder mystery/whodunit type thing. But today, my favorite type of podcast to listen to are the motivational ones. I've found that everyone has different, but equally valuable, advise to give. So, with that being said, here are some motivational/girl boss podcasts you should have on your radar!

"Broken Brain with Dhry Purohit"

Okay for this one I'm recommending a particular episode because my mom sent it to me and I'm obsessed. Episode 55, How to Redesign the Subconscious Mind from Limitation to Freedom, is hugely helpful, especially if you find yourself in a bit ofa funk. This will seriously change your attitude towards life and how you deal with your problems. Thanks, Mom.

"Gals on the Go"

This might be my favorite series at the moment. Influencers Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio, both extremely busy college gals, touch on everything from motivation to travel to relationship advice. It's super refreshing to hear normal girls who are in almost exactly the same situation that I am talk about all the things that they're going through, and how they deal with them!

"I Love You So Much With. Kenzie Elizabeth"

Another YouTuber/Influencer/now-Podcaster, Kenzie Elizabeth is one of the girl-bossiest girls out there so obviously, I'm a fan. Kenzie usually hosts different guests every week, and the topics they cover are completely diverse. From grocery lists to mental health, this podcast covers it all!

"Thick & Thin"

Last but not least, Katy Bellotte gets super real in her podcast, "Thick & Thin". She deals with a lot of issues that I think most people face internally, but are often scared to talk or ask about. Katy drops the filter and dives into topics such as body image, heartbreak, and self-esteem, that I think we could all use some advice on.

Don't stop at just these four! There are so many amazing podcasts out there, and I really thing that there is something, or multiple somethings, for everyone!

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