The Number 1 Thing to Remember When Going Home This Winter Break

The holidays are right around the corner, which also means the end of the fall semester. With the snow beginning to fall and finals right around the corner, there are countless projects, essays to write, and finals to study for, which can be intense. But do not stress out just yet -- with classes finishing that means going home for longer than a weekend or for the first time this semester! Whether you are traveling back home by driving ten-minutes or have a sixteen-hour plane ride, we all cannot wait to be home with our loved ones, specifically our pets. However, we shouldn't forget about those who are not able to return home for the holidays, but this tip still applies to you maybe even more, so let us get into it.

During a floor meeting, my residency adviser gave the students on my floor some advice; it was explicitly meant for out of state students that are planning going back home for the break, but it applies to everyone, and that is why I wanted to share it. Her advice is that when going home for the holidays or spending time away from school, you should be there in that moment. You do not need to worry about future classes, your dorm, or all the parties you could be throwing because in a few weeks you will be back again, partying, writing essays, and all the fun and not so fun things that come along with going to college. So while you are away with your parents, pets, or alone enjoy that time with no stressful deadlines and do things you love before they are gone.

So when working on finals, essays, presentations or all of the above, during the next few weeks keep your head held high as you look forward to it all being over, for at least a couple of weeks. Then when it is all over, and you are traveling home, binging Netflix, opening presents, or whatever else your heart desires during this break whether spending time alone or with friends and family try to be in the moment not worrying about the future. I hope this tip helps get you through the next few weeks and that your winter break is more enjoyable! I hope you all survive finals and have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukka, Kwanzaa, New Years, and any other holiday you celebrate!