The NPS Store: A Secret in the Thrifting World

I’ve got a big secret to share. I’ll give you some hints as to what it entails: a big warehouse, an enormous variety of products, and surprises around every corner. It’s claimed to be a “bargain hunter's paradise” by itself and customers, and it's been in Salt Lake since 1968, so it knows what it’s talking about. As you walk into this mysterious location, there will be a variety of shoes on the left, a selection of Halloween costumes on the right, and the start of the clothing arrangements (with some makeup products mixed in) spread before you. As you wander through the rest of the maze, you can pick up some deodorant as you buy ingredients for your next international meal; this is a small fraction of what is contained here, but it is a great start. All of these traits are tied to three letters: NPS, which stands for National Product Sales, Inc. 

The NPS Store has what every thrifter loves: the element of surprise. As a fan of good deals and the chase, this place will satisfy my thrifting desires by providing just about anything for pocket change, provided you can hunt it down. You may ask yourself, what makes us so fortunate to get such a grand variety at a steal of a price? The NPS store teams with numerous brands in order to relieve companies of overstock, refused, or damaged merchandise, as they explain in their website

Due to the irregular supply acquired by the NPS team, I would not recommend going in with a list. I made the mistake of trying to find specific supplies during one of my visits and was unable to find what I originally went searching for. This did not end in a loss, however. I got art supplies in bulk to last me a long time for under five dollars, as well as some adorable birthday cards which were only five for one dollar. Don’t be turned off by the seemingly disorganized isles and overflowing merchandise; you may need to be patient while you rummage through the products. Although it may be a hit-or-miss experience, the hits outweigh the misses, making it worthy of your experience. 

If you are not itching to find the perfect Halloween costume or a plethora of greeting cards, there is a room in the southeast corner of the building located near the jewelry counter where I spent a significant amount of time when I discovered it. This room contains furniture, but more importantly, towers of shoes in boxes. I found many Steve Madden slip-ons, boots and heels, puma sandals, New Balance sneakers, and Asics running shoes. All of them still had tissue in them, and aside from being more than 60% off, there was an additional promotion for 25% off shoes that week. What a steal!

I have found the food items to be most appealing things you can buy in bulk, like most other deals at the NPS store. For example, a box of individual cinnamon applesauce cups was on sale for $5.99; this box had at least 75 cups in it. Individually packaged granola was 10 for a dollar, and I have seen Sour Punch Straws at five for a dollar. As you venture into the clearance section, be sure to use caution. Sometimes the products are there because they have dents or are semi broken (like granola bars that have been broken in half), but others are in there because they are expired, so look and make calculated risks. I have lucked out and purchased single granola bars and other snacks for five cents each because they were lightly cracked. 

Whether you are going to visit for the first time, or are a regular NPS shopper, go in with an open mind and be willing to try new things in order to take full advantage of the accidental treasures that await you. 


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