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The New and Improved Way to Social Media “Detox”

As we start to lean on social media platforms more and more to stay connected with others, I have come to realize why so many people take a so-called “detox” or break from the platforms. As I am sure many of you can understand, being in quarantine has landed my eyes on my phone screen a little more than normal, and it has taken a toll. I consistently would exit the apps feeling drained and negative. With this being said, I felt that it was time for me, too, to participate in the famed social media detox. 

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The catch was that these social platforms are my primary source of news and information. And while I felt that social apps feeling left me feeling down and stressed, I knew I couldn’t leave them completely during a time when staying informed and learning was (and still is) so important.  

In an effort to stay both positive and informed, I decided to detox in a new way. Instead of leaving the platforms, I was going to filter out the negative accounts and follow positive ones. Her Campus family, YOU are in control of what you see and interact with on your socials. However, it can be so hard to weed out what accounts and topics on your socials are draining your energy. My biggest tip is to actively be paying attention to how you feel when you are scrolling through your feed, and unfollow as soon as you are no longer feeling positive. If you have ever heard of the Marie Kondo approach, this is it, babe. 

This process is personal. I can’t tell you what accounts to unfollow and which to keep. What I can do is give you a list of Instagram accounts that I have followed recently that bring a positive light to my social feed. These accounts have always posted positive content, and I for one am always for following new, positive, people. 


1. @amberfillerup

If you’re one for cute pictures of kids and seeing a strong businesswoman flourish, this account is for you. Amber always posts the most gorgeous photos of her family, and she has started two very successful businesses that stemmed from her love for hair on her blog- Barefoot Blonde. 

2. @menzabolamba 

Need some outfit inspo? Menza always has the best inspiration photos for closet basics. This blogger also posts daily stories of her quarantine adventures, which are always filled with food, friends, fashion, and nature. 

3. @autumrainn

Autum is one of my absolute favorite accounts that I follow. She is a digital creator that plays with photoshoot themes, colors, and Photoshop to make her feed stand out from the rest. I am constantly inspired by her and her creativity, and I think you will be, too. 

4. @alexmichaelmay

When I think of positive posts, Alex’s posts are truly the epitome. I have always been able to take something from her stories, whether its motivation to get outside, hydrate, or even start a new morning routine. If you're looking for a content creator that uses their platform to better their followers, then you need to follow Alex. 


Whatever a social media detox looks like to you these days, make sure that what you are consuming makes you happy. At the end of the day, that's what really matters. 


Mya is majoring in Strategic Communication and is the current President of Her Campus Utah. She enjoys movies, road trips, writing and having dinner parties with her best friends. Her favorite things to write about are fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
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