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Netflix and Pig Out? Maybe Not. Your Date Night Guide to Deciding Where and What to Eat

Everyone wants the perfect date. And when it comes to researching how to make that happen, you can find article after article on fun pre-dinner activities, the best local grub, good conversation topics, how to tip the waiter, etc.. But what about food? Which foods should we avoid if we’re looking to impress? And what delicious meals are best to order on a date, especially early on in your time seeing someone?

Let’s first get into which foods to avoid when you’re trying to make a good first impression. Chinese and other Americanized Asian foods, while totally delicious and perfect for a night in with sweat pants and a chick flick, is definitely something to avoid if you’d like to feel positive and energized on a date. The high levels of sodium and large portion sizes can be hard on the digestive system and cause uncomfortable stomach pains, gas, a loss of energy, the list goes on. I don’t think these are generally characteristics that are very conducive to good date outcomes.

A barbeque joint might be another option to cross off the list. As much of an ice breaker as smiling with meat in your teeth and BBQ sauce all over your hands can be, it might not make for generating the most sex appeal right off the bat, and you could come across as a bit of a slob with little care for how others perceive you. Dates at the beginning of a relationship are about making good impressions, and that may be hard to accomplish while you’re spilling refried beans and coleslaw all over your jeans.

A few other obvious no-no’s include too much garlic, onions, and hand foods like craw-fish, buffalo wings, and corn on the cob, according to Dan Gentile of thrillist.com. These foods are messy and awkward to eat in the company of a date. Remember to put on your big, impressive kid panties (especially if you think the date will go well), and order something you wouldn’t eat as a sixth grader, no matter how delicious that greasy personal cheese pizza might be.

So, here are some foods to circle, star, highlight, whatever, on your ideas list because they’ll guarantee a satisfying fill without any of those undesirable, unattractive consequences. First up is Greek food. Most of what you can order from a Greek restaurant is very easy on your digestive system. It’s light, but filling. It doesn’t leave horrible odors perforating from your pores. You’ll feel satisfied, energized, even sexy afterwards, which makes this kind of food my personal favorite for a hopeful date night.

A lot of fish and sea foods, like oysters, scallops and salmon are also good options. They’re healthy, meaning they won’t throw off your diet the way a burger would. Additionally, according to Fox News Magazine, oysters are the most well-known aphrodisiac, so if you want to convey your sex interest without seeming too forward, oysters are a good way to do it. Now, just hope he catches on.

A few other go-to’s are salad, lighter pastas, and anything dark chocolate for dessert. They’re fairly easy to eat without making a mess, digestion isn’t generally a problem, so you shouldn’t walk away bloated, and you’ll come across as mature and together more so than those who look at ordering chicken fingers. Now, a few good local suggestions include Spitz on Broadway downtown, Porcupine Pub and Grille at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon and near campus on 1300 E. for their vegetarian stir fry, Settebello at 260 S. 200 W, Gourmandise at 250 S. 300 E. (amazing soup), Eva’s Bakery at 155 S. and Main, and Publik Coffee Roasters at 975 S. West Temple for their avocado toast. Just keep it light. Keep it healthy. And if you have a say, don’t forget the wine.

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