My Review of Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful. It truly is incredible and captivating. So captivating, that a music festival is named after it. Life is Beautiful is a music festival located in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada that brings together music lovers, art exhibits, musicians, local business, and amazing food to one central location. The first time Life is Beautiful held their music festival was back in 2013. 

This past weekend, I was able to attend the festival's seventh year in a row, which showcased musicians such as Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Maggie Rogers, Rae Sremmurd, and so many other great artists and DJs. There were four main stages that the artists would play at: Downtown, Bacardi, Fremont, and Huntridge. All of these stages were in close walking distance to each other which was amazing when you’re rushing from your favorite singer to your favorite DJ. Also, each stage was located near bathrooms and water refill stations, which saved time between shows.

The art exhibits at Life is Beautiful are spectacular. At this year’s festival there was incredible artwork on buildings, towering statues, flower walls, etc. The festival definitely had some of the best photo shoot opportunities. All of the exhibits were included in the festival pass, so I was able to explore all of the art exhibits. 

 Honestly though, I think the food was my favorite part. The festival had local food trucks and restaurants cater the entire weekend. Whatever you were feeling they had: grilled cheese, nachos, hamburgers, salads, etc. I tried Stripcheeze’s ‘Daddy’s on a Roll,’ which is mac-n-cheese eggrolls with a side of kimchi sauce. WOW. 11/10. 

 Life is Beautiful understands that some people *cough* me *cough* aren’t able to pay upfront for their three-day pass, and offer a payment pass for those who purchase tickets. I bought my ticket in the spring and set up a payment plan with Life is Beautiful. Depending on when you purchase your tickets affects how long your payment plan is. I was able to pay off my tickets within four months of purchasing the plan. However, if you purchase the ticket closer to the festival you may have to pay it back within a shorter amount of time. 

With everything that’s included with your festival pass I would highly recommend going! Talk with your friends and get a group together so you can start saving up for a fun weekend in Vegas! Dates and lineups haven’t been posted for 2020, but I can guarantee it’ll be great.