My Clothing Doesn't Determine How Sexual I Am

"Are you wearing those clothes to attract that sort of attention?" No, I'm wearing these clothes because I feel comfortable.

"Pull your shorts down, it doesn't look attractive." Nah, I'm fine showing off half of my butt, but thanks anyway. 

What you just read was a prime example of slut-shaming, and it's not a glamorous thing. 

Slut-shaming relating to clothes normally entails making negative assumptions about a girl's sex life because she's wearing something that shows off her assets in public. This is commonly done by individuals who feel as if clothing represents the critical aspect of who someone is. Clothes can definitely represent who someone is as an individual, but we don't have to go into  "why" they wear those certain brands or types of clothes. Various genders and ages reprimand women for their "flashy" skirts and "promiscuous" shirts because they're "just too short" or thinking in their head, "that shirt shows lots of boobs, she definitely is asking for it". When you judge a girl based on those Urban Outfitters booty shorts or any form of outfit that shows an enormous amount of skin, you're not "correcting behavior", you're taking away someone's dignity and confidence. Those high-wasted shorts may be the only form of clothing that makes that girl love herself and that confidence is the only thing she's got. I'm here to say that no form of clothing should be deemed as inappropriate and I also want to say that slut-shaming and body-criticism have got to stop. 

When people judge and say to women, "Really?" or "That's the kind of attention you're drawing to yourself?" it simply doesn't make sense. First of all, most of the time women don’t even pay attention to what they throw on because some of them don't have the inclination to try and impress others with what they wear. Second, other women personally do not care about what others think of their clothing because what matters most to them is that they're comfortable. There are people that don’t try to please others through their fabrics. 

So why do we get slut-shamed? Do other people get jealous because they don't own the confidence that most of us have? Or are they just trying to get rid of all of the "dirty behavior" that they suspect we carry around because of our low-cut shirts and half-ass pants? 

I can safely answer these questions. I honestly couldn't care about the denim dress that flaunts my ass or the shirts that present my beautiful set of tits: if you are happy and feel comfy in that Forever 21 mini-skirt, wear that mini-skirt! What matters most is that you are confident with your body and that you love every inch of your skin that you decide to show off. Our bodies were not meant to be on display, but they were meant to be cherished and shown on a level of self-love.

So, work that new dress that you just bought that displays your wonderful rack and give that middle finger to anyone that thinks twice.