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Member of the Month: Jacob Westwood

Well folks, we’re back with another member of the month. Frankly, you better get used to this, because we have one hell of a team. December’s Member of the Month is Jacob Westwood. He is a senior at the University of Utah who is majoring in Metallurgical Engineering. For those of you who don’t know that is the form of engineering that deals with metals and how they chemically bond(in simplest terms). Jacob truly is a gem, and Her Campus Utah is so fortunate to have been graced with his talents.

Described by many as someone who is loyal, compassionate, and wise beyond his years Jacob has certainly brought a unique perspective to our team. While there are a multitude of things that set Jacob apart from the crowd, by far one of the most his most exceptional traits, is the ability to tinker. He takes the meaning of “one man’s trash another man’s treasure” to a whole new level. That is when he’s not working fervently to prepare for his graduation this spring. Jacob hopes like many others, to leave the world a better place. By simply providing opportunities for someone else that he was lucky enough to receive.

Jacob also happens to hold the Her Campus Utah record for the best story as to how he learned about us. He happened to learn about us via Tinder, turns out he actually matched with two current members. It’s no wonder we all love him so much. Not only is he so incredibly lovable, but he’s well read. Undoubtedly Jacob’s favorite book is The Stormlight Archive, by Brandon Sanderson. Which he loves because of how thoroughly it explores the human experience through the lens of a fantasy novel. As if you weren’t already swooning over him. I’m now going to showcase the most obviously desired parts of his personality. His Hogwarts house and zodiac sign; Jacob is a Gryffindor and a Cancer.

Oh, and if you thought he couldn’t get any better. You’d be horribly wrong, because Jacob is so naturally devoted to the world around him that his secret passion is to eventually build an entirely self-sufficient community.


Jacob truly is one of a kind and Her Campus Utah is better for having him on our team. I’m so pleased that I was able to share how exceptional he really is to the rest of the world. I truly hope that you have come to love him as much as we all have. As per tradition, I will leave you with Jacob’s favorite quote. “I know you all want to save the world, … but it’s okay if you only save one person. And it’s okay if that person is yourself.” –Unknown

All images were provided by Jacob

Hello! My name is Angelyn Ramos, and I am currently a freshman at the University of Utah. I am a Biology major with an emphasis in Human Anatomy and Physiology, and I am minoring in Anthropology. I am also obsessed with good coffee, hammocking, and the arts/culture.  My long term goal is to become a doctor, and I am elated that HerCampus gets to be a part of that journey.  I have always been immensly fond of literature and writing, though it wasn't until high school that I actually began writing for enjoyment. I was so fond of the subject that by the time I hit college I was told I would never have to take another english again. However, by the end of the semester, I had realized how much I geuninely missed writing. I wanted to find a creative outlet that let me write about what I wanted and supported me and my peers. Hence, why I'm now here. My goal is simply to write about things that are imporatnant to me, and affect me on a day to day basis. Hope you enjoy!
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