Member of the Month: Henry Coburn

Her Campus Utah is back at it with another slightly late member of the month. You’ll have to forgive us, we’re playing catch up. Our January member of the Month is 100% worth it though. January’s member of the month is Henry Coburn. He is a junior at the University of Utah who is majoring in Communications and minoring in Gender Studies. Hal’s effervescent personality has brought such extraordinary joy to our team and we’re so honored to be showcasing him this month.

Hal’s witty, compassionate, and empathetic personality has truly made him a favorite at Her Campus Utah. His wit is only matched by his fervent passion for his beliefs. Feeling most empowered when he is able to speak his mind in a safe community that provides support and feedback. When Henry isn’t working intensely at getting into grad school, he is gushing over his dog Zeus(by the way Hal, feel free to bring your dog to a meeting at any point).

Hal hopes to leave a legacy of educating others; specifically, he hopes to educate others about how the system we live in leaves people marginalized. Truly Her Campus Utah has been lucky enough to hear about his opinions, passions, and give him a platform to eloquently tell the world the same. His favorite book is The Book Thief, because it is one of the first books he read for pleasure and not for an assignment. Oh and don’t worry, I didn’t forget what is obviously the most important facts. He is a gemini and falls into the Hufflepuff Hogwarts house. I know how important that information is to you all.

Henry's secret passion is stand up comedy. Which honestly, Henry himself could be a superb stand up comic. I’m just saying. With that being said his compassion for others is insurmountable and makes his presence such a gift.

Our team has been so blessed to be graced with such a kind and knowing soul. We are most definitely a better chapter for having Hal as a member. I can only hope that you have come to know and love Hal as much as we all do! In Her Campus Utah fashion, we will leave you with his favorite quote. “There is no growth in the comfort zone and there is no comfort in the growth zone.”-Unknown