The Locally-Made Bath Bombs that will Change Your Life

Locally hand made, with essential oils, safflower oil, baking soda, and salt sourced directly from the Great Salt Lake. That’s the formula for Cosset Bath and Body’s signature “Therapy Bombs.” If you ask what the difference is between Cosset and their competitors, like Lush and the wide array of online retailers of bath bombs, they’ll tell you: the Cosset focus is therapy and wellness.

Cosset (pronounced like “cah-sit”) is a Salt Lake owned and based company run by David Danzig and Jeannette de Janvry. David began the company to make products for his baby son, George, that would help with his severe eczema. He also wanted to design safe bath bombs that wouldn’t cause yeast infections or irritate the skin. In fact, Cosset bath bombs are like a juice cleanse for your skin. The mineral rich Great Salt Lake salt (way more powerful than epsom salts) penetrates the derma layer of the skin so the oil-packed formula of the bombs rejuvenates and nourishes your body. Beyond that, the essential oil blends gives an aromatherapy effect. One of my favorites, "the Aphrodite," uses bulgarian rose petals and rose absolute essential oil, which alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety. If essential oils aren’t your jam, and you don’t believe their benefits, at least they smell phenomenal.

The benefits don’t stop there. Different bombs have different benefits. The Detox, or The Hangover, a black-and-white striped bubble bath, contains tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar. If you’ve got a gnarly hangover from a night downtown, The Detox flushes your body. And, bonus! The apple cider vinegar cuts through grime on your hair and gives it a brand new shine. My number one favorite bomb, the Luna (seen in picture above), contains not only a delicious raspberry scent, but also valerian root powder, a proven enemy of insomnia. The Luna will knock you out within minutes of dunking in the bath. Then you pop out with the silkiest skin of your life.

They also have an AMAZING system for buying bombs. When you purchase four or more, you can put them in a convenient reusable tube, saving you from having to waste multiple plastic bags for individual bath bombs. If you can't help yourself from going back and getting more (and trust me, you won't be able to!) you can take your tube back, refill it with bombs, and they give you four dollars off the purchase as a thank you for coming back, and being an eco-friendly consumer! 

Cosset creates more than world-class bath bombs. They also have developed their “Bath Magic” which is a naturally-sourced bubble bath, using a coconut-husk-based bubble solution, rather than harsh and irritating synthetics. At their shops, at the South Town location only, they have a special autumn-scented bath magic modeled after Butter Beer from Harry Potter.

Maybe one of the greatest creations by the Cosset team are their face products. I have a personal obsession with the Cheeky Clean and Clean Sweep. Cheeky Clean is a face bar with caffeine and menthol, perfect for brightening the skin and reducing the appearance of acne scars on the face. The smell of it will wake you up immediately and give your skin a bright, glowing look. The Clean Sweep is a charcoal bar, with bacteria-killing star anise. It’s a double sided bar, so it has both a daily wash and an exfoliating, rough side.

Cosset has locations all over Salt Lake City! They have their full selection at Trolley Square and Layton Hills malls, plus kiosks in Fashion Place, Shops at South Town, Newgate Mall, and in Nevada’s Meadows Mall and Boise’s Boise Towne Square. You can also visit them online at If you’re buying bath bombs, I recommend: Luna, Aphrodite, Sweet Kisses and Don’t Panic.