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Last Night I Had A Dream: A Poem

That I was a great painter.

The faces of my family

Too much heat on their flesh

Became volcanos on canvas.


Fire dripped from my brush.

The heat of the love from

The core of the earth

Burned me beautifully warm


And over the volcano I painted a sea.

The blues, the deep, deep blues

Were the colors I know would be

My brain shot by a gun.


The ocean cooled my beautiful burns

And forced me under its stormless waves.

I was hushed into the loudest silence

I took deep breaths.


And over the ocean I painted a garden.

Rich with life and green,

A green so deep it cured me.

Trees so full they must cry flowers.


And there were freshly planted tulip bulbs

That became children for the taking.

So I painted a brown in the garden.

A hole so deep it became my grave


To dry out my salt water filled lungs

I painted a grave surrounded by green.

And the rats danced through the ivy, singing,

‘Your body, one day, will be food.’

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Stevie Mitchell is a graduate from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre Studies. Her poetry has been published in City Weekly: Poets Corner, and the University of Utah's literary journal: The Canticle. She spends her time reading to better understand the world, and writing to better understand herself.
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