James Morrell: Business Leader of Utah

Meet James Morrell! He is a third-year student at the University of Utah from Boise, Idaho, who transferred from the University of Idaho just last year. He is currently studying Finance and Marketing, and we could not be any more excited to interview about his involvement here in Utah!  Want to know more about this stud's involvement in the Business Scholars Program, along with handling two fraternities at the same time? Keep reading!

David Eccles Business Scholars Program 

Her Campus: Could you explain to the readers of what the Business Scholars Program provides here at the University of Utah?

James Morrell: The Business Scholars program is a small cohort of people that are exposed to different sectors of business. We learn about various cases from different professors and companies and it is a very good way to get involved, learn about the cycle of business, and learn how things flow and it is also a great way to get involved through the Business School as well. 

HC: How is the Business Scholars program structured?

JM: We meet once a week every Friday for three hours and each week you cover a new area of business. They will bring in a Marketing professor for a Marketing lecture, an Accounting professor for an Accounting lecture, etc. so you get some exposure to each category. There are a couple of different groups within the students, but they all teach the same thing.

HC: So here at Her Campus, we always hear about the different trips Business Scholars take. Can you tell us what that is about?

JM: Each year, the program will take each group to somewhere in the Western region and you get to not only see the area, you get to visit two different companies. I went to Seattle last year, and while I was over there, I personally got to visit Microsoft and Amazon, and it is an amazing experience getting to tour their facilities and so forth. 

Order of Omega Greek Leadership Honors Society & The National Society of Leadership of Success

Her Campus: What is the Order of Omega Greek Leadership Honors Society all about?

James Morrell: The Order of Omega is a Greek society made for ‘Greeks only’ that promotes leadership and personal development. It really emphasizes the importance of being responsible in situations in your collegiate life. I was also just elected Vice President of the society!

HC: Along with your involvement with the National Society of Leadership and Success, what is the difference between those two groups? 

JM: With Order of Omega, you meet as a chapter every other week to go over what is going on in the chapter, while the National Society of Leadership and Success is an occasional meeting with a smaller group of people who you discuss your goals along with, along with talking about your progress, as well as community service hours. 

HC: What kind of projects have you done with Order of Omega and the National Society?

JM: Within the National Society of Leadership and Success, there are community service projects, ex. helping the homeless shelter, food bank, etc. but not any official projects. Our projects are just based off our individual goals. 

Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity 

Her Campus: Could you give the readers a play-by-play of what the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity is?

James Morrell: Alpha Kappa Psi is a Business fraternity and it was recently founded here last spring, so we are pretty new. The emphasis of Kappa Psi is to expose us to both community service and business leadership. We often have executives come in and speak with us about how they include business in their lives, some of the challenges that they faced growing up, and just general advice for us for the business world.

HC: As Class President for your pledge class, what are your roles within the fraternity?

JM: I have a smaller slate than being the actual president of Alpha Kappa Psi. I just manage my pledge class’s activities and I finance our budget, along with my vice-president, Wyatt Green.

HC: We know here at Her Campus that you are also an active of Beta Theta Pi, so what are the specific differences between Beta and Kappa Psi?

JM: The main thing is just the social aspect because with Beta, which is a social fraternity, you have exposure to the rest of the fraternities, as well as sororities. Alpha Kappa Psi is still very social, you just are not given much exposure to activities and it is much smaller. 

James was also just recently elected IFC (Inter-Fraternity Council) President! Way to go!

Gettin' Down to Business

Her Campus: Where is your favorite nap spot on campus?

James Morrell: I have never napped on campus before, but if I had to, I would say just outside of the Union on the grass. 

HC: Favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City?

JM: Kyoto Japanese Restaurant!

HC: Turn on's?

JM: A nice smile, enthusiasm/energy, and being able to have a personality!

HC: Turn off's?

JM: When girls are passive aggressive, sassy, and uneducated!

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