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The Instagram Revamp: Adding Humor to Your Feed

Last week we kicked off this series, looking at different groups of Instagram accounts to reclaim a positive feed. The Instagram scroll can be full of really difficult topics that take a toll on mental health, from quarantine to politics to Coronavirus. If you are anything like me you don’t want to delete your social media entirely, but there are steps that can be taken in order to make your feed a positive and fun space to scroll. 

In the first Instagram revamp we looked at Instagram accounts that add some color and postivity to you feed, but this week the focus is turning to Instagram accounts to make you laugh and smile. These accounts aren’t necessarily anything that will fit with an Instagram aesthetic, they are there to put you in a good mood for the days ahead.


Everyone knows, dads have the superior fashion sense. Their outfits never fail to inspire, and this account is dedicated to showing the funniest of those outfits. Every fit they post is guaranteed to offer a smile. 


A rescue from Hurricane Isaac in 2012, this Instagram is filled with adorable pictures of a pet squirrel named Jill. Follow along with her incredible life, filled with snuggles, jumping, and the cutest outfits you’ve ever seen.


As this account is verified, with nearly 4 million followers, it is clear that many people are aware that Influencers in the Wild has a lot of content to make people laugh. The reality of influencers is that their life is not always as glamorous as their posts, here you can find the daily glimpse of that reality. 


This account is full of pictures that match their Instagram handle exactly. If you are looking for the most squishable, soft, and adorable animals you have found the account for you. 


My personal favorite, Siblings or Dating is an Instagram account that feels much more like a game. They are very interactive, posting stories all through the week to see what their followers think about their posts. Every post is a picture of two people, and your job is just to decide whether you think they are siblings or dating. Fair warning- it’s much harder than you might think. 

Add some laughter, find some positivity, and give these accounts a follow!

Mallory is a sociology major at the University of Utah. She enjoys spending her time catching up on the newest Netflix shows, reading books, or trying to be a little creative.
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