I Just Got Adult Braces. Here's My First 24 Hour Experience.

So. I just got adult braces. It’s not nearly as glamorous as Katy Perry makes it seem in her TGIF music video. Here are some of the things I’ve experienced in the first 24 hours of having adult braces.

  1. 1. I Don’t Feel Any Less Confident.

    My confidence level has been unaffected by having braces. I think this is partly to do with me being an adult. I have greater perspective, so I know it’s not as huge a deal as it seemed in middle school (when I initially refused to have braces).

  2. 2. There’s a Lot Going On.

    There is so much stuff in my mouth!!! I am surprised at how much sensation braces add to the inside of my mouth. Closing my lips is more difficult, since I now have brackets and wire in the way. My tongue doesn’t quite know where to sit in my mouth, and I can’t bite down or rest my jaw normally. There’s a lot going on. 

  3. 3. So Much Stuff!

    There’s a lot of stuff that leaves with you when you exit the orthodontist’s. I have a huge bag of toothpaste, toothbrushes, tiny picks, and more floss than any sane person ought to own. I also have wax, a travel case, travel sized toothpaste and toothbrush, and lipbalm. I have to allocate a whole pocket of my purse to all this stuff!

  4. 4. Flossing is SO DIFFICULT

    How did I ever think it was a chore to floss before? How naive. Now I know better. Flossing with braces is the 7th circle of hell. You have to thread a loop between your brackets under the wire, hook the floss in, drag it through, and then floss as usual. It took me 45 minutes to floss tonight. Forty-five. Minutes. It’s the worst. 

  5. 5. Eating is Difficult, Too!

    I understood that I could no longer have hard candies, sticky food, or sugary drinks after getting braces on. But just eating regular meals is difficult, too. Pizza? Impossible. Not until I get more used to having braces, anyway. So far all I’ve been able to get down my throat is tapioca pudding and chicken noodle soup. Not that I’m complaining about tapioca pudding and chicken noodle soup, it’s just… I miss my pizza. Eating with braces will take some getting used to. 

  6. 6. I’m Pretty Excited

    All complaining aside, I’m pretty excited to have braces. I look forward to having a more symmetrical smile. I am also weirdly stoked about being able to change the color of my braces from appointment to appointment. This time I chose aqua. Next, I’m thinking lavender. 

Adult braces are not as terrible as they seem. They will definitely going to take some getting used to, but overall I’m excited to see my smile take shape.