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I Am A Sorority Woman: Liz Reiss

I am a Sorority Woman was a social media campaign started by the Delta Gamma Fraternity.  It strives to break down stereotypes and show the world that sorority women are involved, educated, and deserve to be seen as more than just a “sorority girl”.  Throughout the next month, Her Campus at the University of Utah will be participating in this campaign highlighting women from our Row who have done awesome things for our Community!

Liz Reiss is a Chi Omega, but she is so much more than your typical sorority girl.

She is a Business Scholar!  Liz Reiss is admirably pursuing a degree in Marketing through the nationally renowned David Eccles School of Business.  As a business scholar she had the pleasure to travel all across the United States and Europe, interacting with business professionals.

She is passionate about sports!  Liz is co-chair of the marketing committee for the University of Utah Muss Board.  The Muss Board is in charge of encouraging and increasing student participation at athletic events.

She is an Honors Student!  Liz is a part of the University of Utah Honors College.  In the near future, she will begin work to write her senior thesis. 

Liz expressed the popular opinion by sorority women that there are so many aspects of Greek Life that are overlooked. She said, “Being in a sorority or fraternity helps students do well in school by stimulating individuals to motivate one another, promoting constructive study habits, and harboring successful academic practices. It creates a passion within individuals to be better for her sisters or his brothers. It sets us up for a healthy and happy future by providing individuals with beneficial lifestyle choices and lifelong friendships.”  

To her, “being a sorority woman” means holding herself to a higher standard. “It means being apart of an environment conducive to learning, loving, and experiencing life with a positive outlook and a desire to make a difference. It means supporting people and caring about the well-being of women. It means putting forth a solid effort in everything I do, whether that be doing well in school, getting involved on campus, or helping make the world a better place. It means striving to be my very best self and encouraging others to do the same.”

Hi! I'm Madison Keyser and am a student at the University of Utah.  I am a sophomore double majoring in Economics and Spanish hoping to go to Law School someday.  I am an Alpha Chi Omega, love to play lacrosse and do anything outside.  I am so excited to be a Her Campus writer! 
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