How to Throw a Dorm-Room Dinner Party

It’s a new year and when you want to make yourself seem more put together than you actually are what do you do? You can get good grades, but that takes all semester. You can always get dressed to impress in the morning, but we all deserve some lazy days full of leggings and oversized sweaters.  Which leaves only one way to impress your new and old friends, a small snack and social.  Throwing a nice party makes you feel like a classy adult and when you’re in college this can be a huge confidence boost.  Here are some fun ideas to help you throw an easy and classy party in your dorm.

1. Invite a small amount of people

I know you might want to invite everyone you know but it is important to keep it small to stop the party from becoming a rager, especially in the dorms.  Make it a snack and socialize event by keeping a few people and possibly having people show up at scattered times.  You don't want to wake up the next morning with a huge mess and you don't want your RA to crash the party...RA's can be fun...but just as a general note when throwing a dorm party, avoid the RA.

2. Use your meal plan

Go to your dining hall and grab some supplies! Unless you are constantly going to there, you aren’t going to use the entire meal plan and can afford to use some to help throw a party. It will save your time and money, and for a collegiette, time and money are pretty much everything we don't have.

3. Make easy and fun food

There is no need to make a full 4-course meal as long as you have the basics.  Be sure to have some type of meat, I recommend shrimp cocktail becasue it is cute and classy all in one. Buy pre-cooked shrimp and make the cocktail sauce with some ketchup and horseradish and you are done!  Deviled eggs are also easy and can be cheap, buy some eggs and then all you need is a little mayo and mustard to make the dish come together.  To keep the balance be sure to have some vegetables.  Simple carrots, cucumber, and broccoli with some ranch dressing is perfect and easy, if anyone complains about ranch dressing, you probably don't want them at your party let alone in your life.  Now time for dessert, you can easily buy some mini cupcakes or if you really want to make everyone fall in love with you, make some easy truffles.  All you need is a blender, Oreos, cream cheese, and chocolate.  Blend up the Oreos until they are just small crumbs, one trick is to take out the middles and then add them back in later.  Add the cream cheese and let cool for a few minutes while you melt the chocolate and then dip. 

Leave the pizza for your 10pm dinner dash and the Chipotle for your girls’ night.  It will take time to prepare but in the end you will feel so proud of yourself for doing it on your own that you will want to do it again! And, you will get a perfect night with your friends in a classy way.