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How to Live a More Body-Positive Life

So…it’s 2019, we should all be comfortable in our own bodies and never have any doubts or worries about them, right? Wrong. Even though the world has been shifting towards more body positivity, there are still things in the media and in our own minds that sometimes tell us differently. Ashley Graham recently partnered with the New York Times and Her Campus to talk about body image and her life being a supermodel and body activist. She discussed lots of elements about body positivity and confidence, so Her Campus Utah is here to take that information and to give you some tips on how to live a more body positive life!

Don’t say negative things about your body or others.

It’s the simple things that can really get in the way of people feeling good about their bodies. Waking up and saying things like, “ugh I feel so fat today” or “you look bloated” can really impact you or your friends for the rest of the day. Trying to say great things about your body instead will help alter your mind to feel better about your body that day. So even if you wake up feeling kind of gross, say things like, “I’m cute as hell” and see how you feel afterward! I promise you will feel better. But the biggest takeaway from this tip is that our words matter. In her interview, Ashley talked about the term “plus-size models” and how just describing people as plus-sized can be detrimental to their confidence. She said, “we’re not describing our friends based off of the number inside of their pants…so why do we have to do it for the big girls?” This is 100% true. No one body type is better than the other, so why do we describe them differently in the media? Models are models despite what size clothing they wear. People are people and should not be put in boxes with these limiting labels. 

Wear things that make you feel confident and comfortable

Clothes should be fun. They should make people happy and give them a way to express themselves creatively. So it’s important to explore what makes YOUR body feel its best. Clothing confidence is different for everyone, but once you find what works and makes you feel good, then shopping will be an easier/less stressful process. One thing that helps with feeling more confident in clothing is trying something that is new and bold. You never know if something is going to work unless you try it. So next time you’re at the store, try on that jumpsuit you’re unsure about. It might be perfect!

Do things with your body that make you happy

Bodies are amazing instruments that can do a wide variety of things. Whether you like to dance, hike, swim or run. It is important to put in the time to take care of our bodies and to let them do what they love to do. Taking a dance class, going on a walk with your dog, or doing some simple stretching before bed can all be things to help you get out of your head and into your body. 

Think about what your favorite parts of your body are

Everyone has a favorite and least favorite part of their bodies. We tend to focus on the negative and only think about our bad skin or our undereye bags. But it’s about time we focus on the positive. Loving your hair, your butt or your smile is AMAZING. Tell yourself the things you love about your body more often and you will feel a difference in your body confidence. 

Now that you have these tips… get out there and live a more body positive life! This can be especially hard with summer just around the corner, but just keep positive thoughts in mind, and it will all come together!

Kim Davison is a recent graduate from the University of Utah that double majored in Theatre and Communications. She was the President of Her Campus Utah and a Chapter Advisor, a Campus Expansion Assistant and a Her Campus Ambassador Advisor for Her Campus Nationals. Kim loves theatre, event planning, dachshunds and strives to live her life every day to make Leslie Knope proud. She is currently searching to jobs in the media industry and is excited to see where life takes her!
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