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How to Keep the Hype for 2019 Going

Congrats everyone! You’ve all officially made it through the first two weeks of the year. We started strong with encouragement and uplifting, “It’s going to be my year!” quotes. But let’s be honest- it doesn’t take long for all of that to wear off and for us to start sharing memes about how much 2019 already sucks and how much we want to die on a daily basis. Believe it or not, the year doesn’t have to start sucking at week 2. I find the more we focus on the negative aspects of life, the more negative our headspace will naturally become. If you’re like me- you either didn’t create any new year’s resolutions or the ones you did were very small because big ones seem too unrealistic. You don’t need huge resolutions in new year to make it an even bigger and bolder year. Luckily, it’s the small and simple things that often make the biggest difference in our attitude and enjoyment of life.

Here are some small tips for how to keep a positive attitude about this year:

1. Keep a journal or some sort of question diary

You might be thinking, “I don’t have time to journal!” or “My life is boring, what would I write about?”, which by the way- everyone has a story worth telling. However, if you do find yourself to be the average busy bodied college student, try keeping a question diary. A question diary has a question set out for each day of the year for you to answer at the end of the day. The questions ask you anything from how your day went, to who you’re currently crushing on, what inspired you most today, to the next place you want to travel. The diaries are usually formatted for you to be able to use it for three to five years, that way you can look back and see how you answered the same questions in years past. It’s a simple and short way of keeping track of the little things in life. These can be ordered online or found at Target priced anywhere from $10-15.

2. Color in a mood chart

This one really helps put life into perspective. At the end of each day, you color in your overall mood. It’s a fun way to track how life is going without writing down all the long details. You can DIY these at home or order one online!

3. Write down what you’re looking forward to, and why you’re proud of yourself

Another simple task that again, requires just a little writing on your part. Try to find things each week that you’re looking forward to, like a new movie coming out! This helps you get excited for at least one thing per week. Also, writing down a reason why you’re proud of yourself either per day or week helps keep up the self-love.

I hope you enjoyed a few of these tips for how to keep your 2019 hype up all year long, and don’t forget- its new year, BETTER you!

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