How I Get Better Sleep

I have never been able to sleep well. I toss and turn all night, wake up at the most random of hours, and lie in bed staring at the ceiling for who knows how long. Then I am groggy all day, but still not be able to go to sleep. I have tried drinking water or milk, counting sheep, reading, listening to calming sounds, but none have worked for me.

I never even considered aromatherapy as a solution to my sleeping problems. If you have ever been in a Bath and Body Works you have probably seen the aromatherapy section, and I always thought, "Oh, that would never work for me." I also never liked the smell of most of the aromatherapy lotions there anyway so I never saw a point in getting them.


However, on my last trip to Bath and Body Works, I noticed this very aesthetically pleasing lotion, and when I read the bottle it was for sleep which after starting college, getting a "real" job, and my sleeping problems worsening, I figured I might as well give it a chance. The lotion I stumbled upon was the sleep aromatherapy black chamomile body cream, and it is fantastic. It smells like heaven, is not tested on animals, and is fragranced with natural scents and essential oils. The body cream also is not as greasy as some of Bath and Body Works other creams, which is an added bonus.

Now the real question you are probably wondering is if it has helped with my sleep, I would not say it has completed overhauled my sleeping problems. However, it does help me fall asleep faster -- according to the bottle, the chamomile oil helps calm the mind and body and the other essential oil bergamot creates a sense of well-being. It also helps me to relax, and once again it smells incredible. So if you are looking for a lotion to help with dry skin this winter and would like to relax or help you fall asleep, I would suggest trying Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Black Chamomile.