How to Deal with Your Best Friend Being in a Sorority

So, your friend just decided to join a sorority, and you decided not to. You might be immediately worried. What if they decide not to hang out with you anymore? What if their decision to go Greek causes a rift in your friendship? These worries are, of course, totally valid. However, here’s a quick guide on how to deal with your best friend being in a sorority, when you aren't in one.


1. Accept That You’re Not in it With Her

Sororities might not be the right thing for you (or at least not right now), but it’s okay that being Greek is right for her! Just because she is a part of a sorority, and you aren’t, doesn’t mean that you won’t still have things in common. After all, opposites do attract. 


2. Do Some Research on the Benefits of Sororities

There are many different benefits from being a part of a sorority! Outside of a huge network of sisters around the globe, being in a sorority can also benefit women academically, socially, and mentally, in order to help them become their best selves! So with this in mind, offer your friend your utmost support--this is a life-changing experience. 


3. Know It's Ok to Talk About the Stereotypes 

There are certainly stereotypes when it comes to sororities, and while most of them are dramatic and inaccurate, some are good to be aware of. As a collegiate woman, you should always be cautious on campus, so if you’re worried about the reputation of Greek Life on your campus, make sure she knows you always have her best interest at heart. Be there ever needs you, and know that she will always do the same for you.


4. Be Supportive and Open

Even if being in a sorority isn’t the right thing for you, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be the right thing for your friend, or the other girls that she’s in a sorority with. Remember that stereotypes of the “Sorority Girl” are probably not going to coincide with the personalities of her new friends. Be open, and go to her events if she needs you to be there. Who knows? The girls in her sorority might turn out to be your sisters too.


5. Accept Her Sisterhood as Different from Your Friendship

It might be easy to compare yourself to this house filled with girls just itching to be besties with your friend, but it’s important to remember that even though your friend is checking out this new aspect of collegiate life, she isn’t going to leave you in the dirt. If she really is a good friend, she will still make time for you whether she’s in a sorority or not.

To sum it all up, be happy for your friend! She has just taken an awesome step to becoming an even more well rounded collegiate woman, and you should be proud of her. Who knows? Maybe you might want to go through recruitment next year!


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