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Handy Stress Relievers for Finals Week

Hello there HC’ers! Okay, not that you need any more reminders but here we go! You. Me. Let’s talk finals week. No, no this is not another attempt to tell you how to study or preach about how important it is to pass all your tests. Instead, let’s talk about things that are going to help you channel your greatness and give you some well-earned stress relief!

Have you ever been so stressed to the point you’re literally sick to your stomach? You’re not alone! In stressful times such as these whether it’s morning, noon or night, take a quick minute to gather your thoughts, close your eyes and meditate. Yes, this means breathe! Focus on how you’re feeling, where your anxiety may be coming from, and use your oneness with yourself as an advantage. Don’t let finals week bring you down: stay calm and bring it on!
Alright don’t go busting out the fancy cheese quite yet but DO have fun! Studying, memorizing, and focusing on finals is just fine but don’t lose your sanity! If someone invites you to go bowling or see the University Ballroom dance showcase, why not? If you’re feelnig on task with studying and have an hour or two to spare, be merciful to yourself. The key is control: control how long you’re out and how you’re spending your time. Letting loose will keep you light-hearted and less grumpy… your friends and family will thank me later.
Be realistic
Now I am the first to admit I have indeed crammed and studied the night before and the day of but it’s not too late to change your ways if you’re this way too! Studying your weaker subjects 3 hours a night is much more reasonable than studying for one exam at a time the night before for 8 hours. Your brain, body, and blood pressure will be grateful, trust me. Even if you’re behind in studying, homework or projects……breathe. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Be honest with yourself, sit down and have a nice talk with (insert your name here). Evaluate what needs to be done ASAP and set goals for what you need to do to avoid becoming a walking zombie by the end of finals week. You CAN do this. Now get to it.

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