Hammock: A Poem, Part 2

Blue sky,

Blue silks.

My feet glide over,

The green grass.


Where to hang?

There, a great willow

Its tree branches high enough

To fasten my swing.


I sit,

Caressed by the sling

As I look at over yonder.


I take the hammock

In my hands.

With my legs,

Give it a spin.


Up n’ over I go,

Hand up high

Switch it around

And perch.


Pull up,

A literal pull up.

Invert now

Till the silk rests on the hips

Holding me in place.


In a straddle,

Crochet that leg!

Now the other!

Crunch your abs

And reach your hands above your legs.


Pulling with all my strength

Hips thrusting,

Legs pushing,


I’m a diaper baby!