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Get Your Mind off Finals and on Christmas

With finals approaching, it’s very easy to get stressed out and forget about the wonderful holiday season that is here. The Christmas season is truly the most wonderful time of the year, but sometimes we have to push back celebrating because we feel so overwhelmed with projects, exams, and final assignments. There are many small things that you can do during your study breaks, or even while studying, to keep on task but still experience Christmas Magic.

One thing that you can do while studying is simply put on some Christmas music in the background. The best thing about Christmas music is that there are so many different songs and renditions of songs that you can always find something perfect for studying. Spotify has playlists of piano versions of your favorite Christmas songs to play while you study. This can help you remember your favorite songs as well as keep you focused and help your mind relax while studying. It’s also proven that if you study to a particular type of music and then listen to that music before your test, you will be able to remember material better. So, if you study to Christmas music, you should listen to Christmas music before your exam and that will help you remember material and get you in a jolly mood.

Studying can get really overwhelming and you need a break every once in a while. One great Christmas activity to do during a study break is make paper snowflakes. Snowflakes require only paper and scissors and take only a little amount of time, so you can make a lot during a little break from studying. This can also help you destress as making snowflakes is simple, creative, and anything you do can look amazing. If you’re particular, you can look up designs online, or just make random cuts and make your own masterpiece. After you’ve made a bunch you can also hang them up around your apartment or dorm so you have great decorations to turn your study space into a winter wonderland.

There are also a bunch of study spaces that have Christmas decorations up so you can be productive and still celebrate. The LDS Institute on campus has tons of Christmas trees up all around the building and has a lot of quiet nooks to give you a great study space. The Institute doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic unless a class is getting out, which means there won’t be lots of people talking around you while you focus on your assignments. Another great thing about the Institute (other than all the wonderful Christmas decorations) is that they have free food during the day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the west gym. So, this is the perfect place to study next to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and get some free food each week.

One of my favorite things to do while I study is to have a movie playing in the background. My mind needs something going on in the background so I don’t burn out focusing on test material. Netflix is usually my go-to. Netflix has so many Christmas movies that basically don’t have any plot, or they’re all the same, so if you don’t pay attention you don’t miss a lot. These can help you get ready by watching cheesy Christmas movies which will help you de-stress, but you can also study through them. Just search “Christmas” and you’ll get masterpieces such as A Christmas Prince, The Grinch, and Santa Girl. They’re all pretty cheesy, so they’ll also give you a good laugh and get you in a good mood.

Christmas is a wonderful season, but finals can lead you to stress so much you put off celebrating. There are plenty of little things to do to help you de-stress from finals and get into the Christmas spirit. Happy Holidays and happy studying!

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Rebecca is a sophomore finishing her last year of prerequisite courses before starting the nursing program. She works at an oral surgeon's office as a surgical assistant and receptionist.
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