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Four Activities to Awaken Your Inner Witch This October

In today’s world, it might not come as big of a shock to know or meet someone who claims to be a witch. With Wiccan and Pagan communities rapidly growing, our image of witches is changing from scary old women who eat children and curse your firstborn to cool hippies who love nature and use too much incense. If it’s ever been the right time to come out of the broom closet, the time is now! In this day and age tapping into our magical, powerful selves is something to be excited about.

Now that October is here, it’s the perfect time to experiment and begin awakening your inner witch. Here are a few fun and simple activities to get you started.

1. Spend More Time Out In Nature: Whether it’s spending extra time in the garden, or going on a nature hike! Witches love to celebrate mother earth by being near her. I personally like to get my hands dirty by planting herbs and flowers. Herbs can be used for cooking or spells and the flowerscan be used to brighten up your home! If you’re usually stuck inside, try to spend an evening at the park, or go camping now that the leaves will be changing. Short on time? Just take a few minutes each day and try to walk bare foot through the grass. You’ll be surprised by how peaceful you’ll feel with just a little contact with the earth.

2. Meditate: Spend a few minutes each day trying to clear your mind and relax. Focus on your breathing and body instead of the constant noise going through your mind. Trust me, your day might go a little  or a lot smoother. This can be very beneficial not only for people who are usually stressed or anxious, but for anyone trying to strengthen their intuition or psychic abilities. With a little practice, meditating can lead to opening your third eye, which helps with visions and divination. Want to make meditating more magical? Light some candles or incense before starting (place candles in a safe place of course!) so that the mood is set. Or try meditating in the moonlight or under the stars. What’s more magical than that?

3. Explore Divination: Divination is “the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.” As a working fortune teller myself, this one is my favorite. Have you ever felt like you picked up on other peoples energies very quickly, or that your gut feelings are usually right? This means your intuition is on point and that you might be gifted with being a bit psychic. From dream journaling to tarot cards there’s bound to be something you connect with to start exploring your powers! Take a class or pick up a deck of cards and get shuffling. It’s incredible how fun and rewarding divination can be. Don’t want to dedicate years of practice? That’s okay, just come see me. I’ll be happy to explain what lies in store for you! *Wink!* Look me up!

4. Do A Good Deed. This one’s important, ladies! We have to make sure that when given the choice to be a good witch or a bad one, the answer is always good. I mean, people have mistakenly believed for hundreds of years that witches are evil. Let’s make sure to prove the haters wrong! Help someone in need when given the chance, send others good blessings, plant a few trees. Pay it forward every once in a while and that will be more impactful than any spells we cast. There’s nothing more magical and powerful than being kind to each other.

 Halloween is on its way and it’s time to get spooky and get witchy with it! I hope you’re able to have fun with these tips and make a little magic!


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Stevie Mitchell is a graduate from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre Studies. Her poetry has been published in City Weekly: Poets Corner, and the University of Utah's literary journal: The Canticle. She spends her time reading to better understand the world, and writing to better understand herself.
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