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Five Hulu Shows For Reality TV Junkies

If you are looking for a new show to get lost in this semester—look no further. I have discovered the gold mine that Hulu is when it comes to reality tv shows, and I am so excited to share the top five reality tv shows that I could find on the streaming service. Sit back, grab some snacks, and get ready for the drama. 

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Vanderpump Rules

Do not underestimate this show. Lisa Vanderpump and her staff of bartenders, waitresses, and bussers will have you drowning in drama from the minute you click play. Nobody ever knew how much tea gets spilled at a bar and restaurant until now. The show features the tight-knit staff at LA’s SUR restaurant, and let’s just say that some of the members are more tight-knit than others… 

Love Island UK

I do not care what the other critics will tell you. Love Island UK is gold. When you put hot singles in an island villa together, there is bound to be some drama and love affairs. You will get your fair share of both as the contestants enter the villa and work to find their true love and avoid getting eliminated from the show. Will the contestants find their match, or fly home alone? That is for you to find out… 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

A surefire classic. This show gives viewers a glimpse into the luxurious lives of Beverly Hills housewives, which also happens to be filled with fights, grudges, and affairs. After watching this show you will be questioning the lack of drama in your friend groups and relationships. The best part is, you will feel like you are besties with some of the richest housewives in the country. 

Hell's Kitchen

This one is for the Her Campus foodies out there. I just recently bit into this show and I have no regrets. This show is full of good looking food, talented people, and lots of yelling. I am not sure it gets much better than that when it comes to a reality cooking competition show. Not only will this show give you your daily dose of drama, but it often leaves me inspired to eat better food. Will you become a better chef after this show, or a better yeller? There is only one way to find out…  

Dance Moms

I was the biggest hater of this show for the longest time. Then I actually watched an episode. This show will give you a new perspective on what it means to be a mom, and what it means to be competitive. Don’t watch this show alone, you will 100% need someone to discuss the drama and pick a favorite mom with. I have a newfound respect for dancers, and you will too once you waltz into this show.


Listen, between the pandemic and the new semester we all need to de-stress.  Put on a show, grab some snacks, and get lost in the chaos of reality tv. 

Mya is majoring in Strategic Communication and is the current President of Her Campus Utah. She enjoys movies, road trips, writing and having dinner parties with her best friends. Her favorite things to write about are fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
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