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Finals Week as Told by The Office and HIMYM

It’s the best time of year! The sun is shining, the snow has (probably) stopped for the year, birds are singing, and finals are a’ coming. Wait. What? Although it feels as though this semester has been dragging on forever, it’s still somehow surprising that finals are just right around the corner. The progression of panic leading up to finals can be perfectly described by the award winning sitcoms “The Office” and “How I Met Your Mother”.


1) That moment when you realize how close finals week actually is, and how much an entire semester of procrastination is now screwing you over.

Maybe I shouldn’t have left everything until the last minute…


2) Still in denial and a suspended state of panic regarding finals, you continue to put off studying for another couple of days.

You only live once, right? Why actually prepare when you could be superficially enjoying something else while pretending the worry doesn’t exist?


3) Finally heading to the overcrowded library to get some serious studying done

Look at all these kindred spirits, here to desperately cram information into their brains!


4) Heading to the final TA session for help because your brain stopped retaining information after the last midterm.

Please help me!!


5) Trying to meet the word count for that final paper…

How can I make this paper longer without actually adding any information?


6) Looking over notes from the beginning of the semester and realizing how much you have forgotten

Was I even here when this happened?


7) Trying to find relevant graphics to add to your term paper

So they all have the same information… but they look different…


8) When your notoriously long winded professor fails to finish lecturing and informs you that you will have to teach yourself the final chapters before the final.

Why would you do this to me!


9) When your family and friends realize the extent to which studying has turned your life into a deadly combination of processed foods, little sleep, and hours at the library.

I promise I’ll be able to pull my life together after I finish finals…


10) Sitting in the final and realizing you forgot to review an important chapter…

Why am I like this?


11) Wondering if your life would really be over if you gave up on college now.


How is it I have no skills…


12) When it’s finally over, and the world has not ended!

Time to celebrate!


Don’t worry, collegiates, the semester is almost over. You can do this!


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