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It is finally fall! But it came up so quickly, is anyone really prepared? The cooler weather is a welcomed friend, but I found myself very much lacking in the festive spirit. This is largely due to the current and past events of the last six months, but I feel like the holidays should still be special! 

That being said, you don’t want to spend all your money on decorations when there are more important things to buy. Nevertheless, decorations are the perfect way to add a little spice to your place! Here are a few tips to get that fall feeling on a budget:


Even while getting groceries the other day, my local grocery store had so many fall-themed products. From little garlands to fake leaves, even where you get your food there are goodies to be found! Speaking of goodies, candy!!! Although trick-or-treating won’t be commencing as usual, you may find yourself “fiending” for some chocolates. My method for not over-buying, and sometimes over-indulging, is this: buy one bag of candy for every category of candy that you like. For example, one bag of assorted chocolate candy, and then one bag of assorted gummy or sweet candies. This way you can have what you like without buying too much that could go to waste.


Pinterest and craft sites have so many easy decor ideas that can be as simple as some paper cutting or utilizing items in your household! You could throw it back to elementary school and do some hand turkeys… or even leaf rubbing can be a cute addition to your walls! Sometimes it pays off to do things with your own hands, although tedious. Painting mason jars, a homemade wreath, yarn art, wine cork sculptures, or a cute, hand-lettered board, the possibilities are endless


I’ve really been loving getting flowers for my living spaces recently! You can lean super into the theme of Halloween & Thanksgiving or be as general as you’d like. Some sunflowers to brighten up the space or an orange toned bouquet to get those fall vibes in there! Of course, there’s always fun succulents to get that you can pot in ceramic pumpkins, skeletons, leaves etc. I’ve been using pint glasses I own to be resourceful and keep it feeling home-y. Having some live plants around helps make this time feel less isolated and brings a little bit of the outside, in

It’s never too early to start stocking up for next season! Always go the week after a holiday to the clearance sections of most any store! Even Target has insane deals on their decorations, candy, glassware, etc. That’s my favorite time to get my hands on things that I either hadn’t seen or are way cheaper!


Happy decorating!

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