Cold Coffee

the coffee became cold

as it laid untouched on the kitchen table 

the rain stole her concentration 

as did everything else 

the sky was gray and gloomy 

and she almost criticized it for being too dull

just like she used to do to herself 

but now things had changed  

and it was wonderful to realize 

that when she stopped criticizing herself 

she could see the beauty in everything else 

it took her too long not to stare in the mirror

and agonize over what she saw 

becoming so unconcerned with herself  

allowed her to focus on everything else 

because who is she to judge 

the gray sky

when it holds the clouds and the rain and the sun and the stars

so why judge herself 

when she holds herself up each time she falls

why not show gratitude

for who she is  

and who she is going to be

she picked up the coffee from the table 

and drank it cold

but it tasted just fine


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