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November 3rd is election day, which means a new president and vice president will be voted into the white house. This is a huge deal because if you have been paying attention to politics for the last 4 years you will have noticed that unless we get a new president and vice president we will be subject to another 4 years of facism and poor leadership. That’s 4 years that many of us, especially BIPOC and lower class people, can’t afford to go through, but it doesn’t have to be like that. We don’t have to have this kind of leadership for that much longer. And you may be wondering how to get new leadership? Well the answer comes down to you.

mail in ballot with mask by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash
Photo by Tiffany Tertipes from Unsplash

You’ve probably heard it before: voting brings change, signing up to vote makes a difference, etcetera etcetera. And you also might be thinking “well it goes beyond voting” and you’re right! Blindly voting under the impression that just the act of voting makes a difference for the better isn’t the best idea, and in fact, can be pretty harmful. My advice is to do thorough research on your candidates and their stances on policies and human rights issues and watch them speak and debate each other so you really know if they represent the kind of leadership you want. This isn’t just a political issue though, it is a human rights issue first. Right now, basic human rights are constantly being violated and bills and laws that are put in place to protect them are now under the danger of being reversed. But by voting, we can protect our human rights and those of others and ensure that we have a safer future.

This past year, even past month, alone should give you a good clue of how this country is currently being run, and how the current leadership has mishandled this pandemic so badly that more lives have been lost due to Covid-19 than during 9/11. We can’t depend on a president that doesn’t care about his citizens. We can’t depend on a president that consistently puts himself first. This is a country, not a business, and it’s time that it should be run like one. I might be biased, but even my bias doesn’t overlook the facts: having this presidency for another 4 years is going to be detrimental to everyone in this country.

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If this is your first time voting for a president and vice president like me, I hope you will make sure to do your research and make sure you fill out your ballot correctly so your vote doesn’t get thrown away. You can even volunteer for both local and national campaigns and go the extra mile in getting the candidate you want voted into office. I want a change in this country, and I’m sure you do too. Change won’t happen until we vote for a new president. So please, for the sake of everyone in this country and even people in other countries, vote in November. Positive change won’t happen until we vote a new president in and the old president out. This change starts with us.

Hi my name is Elnaz Tahmassebi and I am a Senior at the University of Utah studying International Studies and Health, Society and Policy!
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