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Bras to Bralettes: Perks of Making the Switch

To the girls, and women, who view themselves as flat chested, and know that won’t ever change, let alone anytime soon- all hope is not lost. Having tried it all, from push-up to no push-up, under wire to wireless, adjustable and non-adjustable straps, to simply sports bras in every style fathomable, it can be concluded that it is pointless to try and support something that just isn’t there. All of your favorite lingerie stores seem to target women with the biggest racks, and seeing posters pictured of women with perfect cleavage, or having a best friend with plenty to spare can create feelings of inadequacy in regard to feeling “sexy.” 

For years, society has taught us how to create an illusion, but eventually trying to push up something that just isn’t there can be painful and, all together, annoying. Suffocating your rib cage, and not finding relief until the end of the night when you can finally unclasp, is a task with little to no reward. As a woman, the daily excuse to actually put on a bra, paint on your makeup, and wear the most uncomfortable pair of shoes in unfitting circumstances is justified by three words: Beauty is pain. However, in terms of bras, it does not have to be this way. There is an option for both small, and occasionally large chested women that will change your life forever. 

The magical answer to all of your problems is indeed bralettes. Especially for us small chested women who struggle with noticeably different sized boobs, and cup sizes that don’t quite fit the same on both sides, bralettes are the answer to comfort, fashion, and proper chest growth. Here is why:

  1. Comfort – In terms of bras, and underwear in general, physical comfort seems to be a life-long quest. The great part about bralettes, is that there is no unnecessary padding or wire. They are most commonly made from lace, but can also be found in silk or cotton providing ample mobility with the slightest restriction possible. 
  2. Fashion – Bralettes, as a fashion statement, is a fairly modern trend. They have been a sexy alternative in the bedroom for a long time, but only recently have they been socially acceptable for everyday use. At some point in a girl’s life, she knows what it feels like to be called out for her bra showing through her shirt, or heaven forbid her strap accidentally falling down. We all know you wear a bra, and we all know what a bra is, so why does this even matter? The world may never know, but being slut shamed for your “scandalous mistakes” is completely pointless. Wearing bralettes, that are made to be seen, has made these awkward situations less of an ordeal.
  3. Health and proper growth – It is not uncommon for women to deal with, or know someone who has dealt with, the awkward fat between her bra strap and arm pit. For the most part it is natural, and can be improved through exercise, but what most women don’t know is that it is most often caused by wearing bras too early in our teenage years. By wearing these restricting mechanisms while we are still developing we cause our boobs to grow in an unnatural way, leading to- yes, under arm fat. Slowly but surely, by wearing bralettes, we can let nature takes its course and our boobs can continue to develop the way they were designed to, thus resulting in healthier, more full, and equal sized breasts. Which I highly doubt many women would be mad about.

At first, making the switch from bras to bralettes might feel like cheating. Feeling THAT comfortable, and defying the nonverbal standard of beauty that says perfectly round boobs presents a state of “taking care of yourself” should be a crime. Other than feeling like you slipped on a pair of yoga pants every day, you might struggle with the fact that your chest doesn’t fill out your shirts in the same way it used to, which is a definite visual adjustment. However, like most things in regard to appearance, we are always our harshest critic. At first, people you trust, and see all of the time, might make a comment like “you’re nippin’,” but most of the time no one will be analyzing you with a magnifying glass, or care, and eventually the feedback will fade. You might even find that owning your natural shape will bring you newfound confidence! Therefore, embrace your comfort and health, because the physical anxiety that comes with discomfort is something that should not cause you grief and the laws, like your bras, of beauty, do not define you. 


Malory no middle name Weber was born in Murray, UT on December 1, 1996. Growing up she moved across the country from Utah to Colorado, Texas, Maine, and back to Utah. Her passion for writing started at a young age and continues to grow everyday as she studies journalism at the University of Utah. Outside of writing, Malory enjoys being at the gym more often than being home, a good cup of iced coffee, and traveling as often as she can. Her dream job is to work as a face character at a Disney Resort, and her dream career is to publish her own magazine that is equal parts entertaining and informative. 
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