Black Friday’s Best: Clothing Edition

It’s the season of giving, so while you are spending your time giving back to others, remember to give yourself a little something something. And there is no better time to treat yourself than on Black Friday because everything is at a discounted price, so you don’t feel as guilty buying all those items you’ve been eyeing. Almost, if not all stores, in the U.S. will have some sort of sale, these are the clothing stores you should spend your dough on.



Lulus is my all-time favorite online retailer. The clothing is trendy and great quality. Although it’s not as inexpensive as one would hope, they have a sale or deal going on everyday! Admittedly, a large portion of my closet is Lulus, and they tend to be the items I get complimented most on. Use code BF25 to get 25-90% off every item on the website.

Free People

If I had all the money in the world, a big chunk of my paycheck would be spent at Free People. Their clothing is so unique that when you wear an item, people will stop you and ask if you got it at Free People. I am a huge fan, a poor fan, but a fan nonetheless. They haven’t released specific deals for Black Friday, but they are offering free shipping for the time being, which if you know of Free People, is a big deal. So,  now’s the time to load up on accessories and i’m talking scrunchies. They have the cutest scrunchies in the game right now. They have velvet ones, floral and the ones that look like a bow. Scrunchies are all the rage and they will stay in style well up into spring, if not longer. Plus, the scrunchies are 3 for $12!

Victoria’s Secret

My holy grail of online retailers. Victoria’s Secret has always been the mecca of bras, undies and lingerie. They always go big on Black Friday and I appreciate that because I can count them. They are the most reliable thing i’ve got going on right now, so i’m very loyal. All bras, excluding their pink line and clearance, are 40 % off. You can bet your bottom dollar that my cart is going to be full of some lacey, unlined demi bras (like the one pictured below). If you are under the wrong illusion that you don’t need anymore bras, they are also doing buy 3 panties get 3 free. If that isn’t the greatest deal in history than I don’t know what is. There is also a ton of makeup and perfume deals. What a time to be alive. Truly.


I don’t visit this online retailer quite as often as the others, but that’s because I shop Topshop at Nordstroms instead. If you’ve been to Nordstroms at Fashion Place Mall, then you know how great of a little section Topshop has. Nevertheless, EVERYTHING will be 50% off on Black Friday. Could I say it any louder?! Get your new winter coat and trench there y’all. Load up the cart. Load it.

Nordstroms (Nordy’s if you are a shopaholic like moi)

The amount of articles I could write about Nordstroms… They offer me everything I could possible want or need. Plus, the store is always so clean. Have you ever seen it messy?! Because I sure haven’t. When I travel out of town and see a Nordstroms, I feel okay because if for some weird reason I got stuck there, I know at the very least, I will be dressed well. Please use Cyber6 to get 60% off select items. I’d also take a look at Nordstroms’ Rack on Black Friday if you want the greatest deals on shoes (which you do). Buy your black, leather boots while you still can.

Remember to charge your laptop, computer, tablet or whichever device you plan on using on Black Friday and throughout Cyber Monday. You are not going to want to miss out on these deals, because you’ll have to wait an entire year to get them again. Imagine if your phone died in the middle of your purchase? That is my own personal hell of a nightmare. You can even avoid the lines this Friday, stay in your post-potato sweats, and shop from the comfort of your couch. Happy shopping!


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