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The Best Ways to Enjoy Being Single This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is notorious for making people feel sad or unwanted if they don’t have a significant other to spend it with. You do not have to hide away by yourself just because you’re single, though. You have every right to go out and have just as good of a day as anyone else out there. So, here are some awesome ways you can enjoy being single on Valentine’s Day.

1. Create a Fabulous Night In for Yourself

This can be almost anything you want. This is the perfect opportunity to try out that new recipe for a dish you love or even open up that bottle of wine you have been saving for a special occasion. What better occasion than a night dedicated to celebrating yourself? This is also a perfect opportunity to catch up on that TV series you love or watch that movie you’ve been dying to see.  

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2. Buy Yourself a Great Valentine’s Day Gift

Treat yourself to something you have been dying to buy for yourself but have been putting off because it is a little bit on the expensive side, or maybe something you just don’t necessarily need. I say throw caution to the wind and indulge because you definitely deserve it. Another idea is to buy yourself all of those cliche gifts that Valentine’s Day is known for. Go ahead and buy yourself chocolates, flowers, maybe even a teddy bear. Whatever you want.

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3. Hang Out With Friends

Call up some of your best friends that may or may not be single too, and make plans to spend time together. This doesn’t have to be a Valentine’s themed get-together, either; you can choose whatever you want to do. This can be super fun and an amazing way for you to have a great time and not be alone.

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4. Go Out on the Town Solo

Take yourself to your favorite bar or club and have a great time having fun by yourself without needing to worry about other people. With this suggestion, just make sure that you are safe and take precautions to not let anything happen to you. Also, take an Uber or Lyft because drunk driving is definitely a lousy way to spend your Valentine’s Day.

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5. Find Random Valentine’s Day Themed Activities

Take to Facebook or even ask some of your friends and family if they have heard about any Valentine’s Day activities near or around you that are going on. Maybe if you’re really against Valentine’s Day you can find some Anti- Valentine’s Day activities. Do whatever most piques your interest because this day is all about giving yourself a good time without having a significant other.

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No matter what you end up doing this Valentine’s Day, just remember that you are special and loved and cared for even if you find yourself single on this coupley day.

Remember to not let yourself get too down about a fake holiday that was just invented by the greeting card companies to make more money.

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