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The Best Kombucha Ranked

Kombucha; you either love it or are unsure about it. For me, saying I love it may be an understatement because I am obsessed. I’ve never been a big fan of sugary drinks, but I really like carbonation, which is why kombucha is perfect. I also really like tart and sour things, which is probably why I’m so obsessed. Although I haven’t tried a ton of brands and types, I try to pick out a new flavor every time I get one. I typically get these at Smiths or Trader Joe’s, but Whole Foods also has a great selection. In addition, there are so many health benefits to the live cultures, which makes me feel better about obsessively buying it all the time. So, if you’re also a kombucha lover, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re unsure, maybe I can convince you to give it another shot.

Mariel Matute

5. GT’s Watermelon Wonder

This one along with the strawberry lemonade are perfect for people just getting into kombucha because they contain a lot of juice, so the flavor isn’t as harsh. I love them because they’re tart and delicious, but still have that tea aspect.


4. Humm’s Coconut Lime

This one was dramatically different from most because it was sweeter than it was tart. But it wasn’t sugary by any means, which is awesome. The coconut paired well with the lime and provided a sweetness that was still refreshing.


3. GT’s Trilogy

I think this one is called trilogy because it’s the best of all worlds. It’s a step up from its fruitier counterparts, but still contains juice. If you’re conflicted or unsure, this one is a great middle ground.


2. Health-Ade’s Pink Lady Apple

This one tastes like a new and improved apple cider, and who doesn’t love apple cider? I specifically like the Health-Ade kombuchas because they have the least sugar and the most carbonation of the brands I have tried.


1. Health-Ade’s Bubbly Rose

I personally think this is the best one and it’ll be hard to find one that tops it. This kombucha has a combo of hawthorn berry, mangosteen, and most importantly, rose petals. It’s very light and fresh, which is why I give it the win. Also, extra points because this one has the prettiest bottle ever!

bundle of roses
Pexels / picjumbo.com

Of all the drinks to be obsessed with, kombucha is probably the best one. Not everyone likes the taste, but it’s also semi-acquired. Kombucha is a great alternative to many other beverages due to the amazing health benefits. Honestly though, I mainly drink it for the unique flavors and carbonation (though the health benefits are definitely a plus). Hopefully you can try some of these great options!

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