Best DIY Fall Date Ideas

Some seasons are just naturally more romantic than others, and the cuddly sweater weather of fall always gets people itching for a hand to hold. However, the chilliness of fall often leads to the unfortunate routine of boring date standbys, like the classic dinner and a movie. These dates are not only stale, but start to get expensive the more you try to spice them up. Despite the cold weather, fall has some perfect DIY date ideas in and of itself. These dates are inexpensive, allow you and your date some time to talk, and have that unmistakable fall flavor.

Pumpkin carving/painting

Nothing screams fall like pumpkin – from jack-o-lanterns to Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, pumpkins give everyone that fall feeling. Creative dates are always fun, no matter how long you’ve known or been with the person, it’s exciting to see someone in a different element (plus who doesn’t love crafting?).

Finding pumpkins to decorate is as easy as walking to a grocery store, and you can pick up a pumpkin carving kit pretty much anywhere. But if you’d rather go with a less messy alternative, pick up some acrylic paint from your favorite craft or art supply store. Even if the date is a disaster, you will have a souvenir from it. 

Pie/cookie baking

Almost every rom com features some kind of cooking montage, and baking is the quintessential romantic cooking activity. Whether you dollop a little batter on their nose, end up covered in powdered sugar, or spend the time your food is in the oven snuggling on the couch, you’re bound to find at least one moment of flirty opportunity. You can go with a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe like this one, or if you’re looking for a fall-specific treat, try this pumpkin pie recipe, these snickerdoodles, or go ambitious with a carrot cake.

Movie marathon

Rather than going out to a movie theatre, cuddle up on the couch (or a blanket-covered floor), and pop on your favorite fall movie. If you want to get really fancy (and you happen to have the goods), project your movie onto a white wall for an intimate version of the movie theatre experience.

If you have DVDs and some way to play them, go for your favorite fall movie. Otherwise, Netflix has some great options. From Coraline and Scooby-Doo to Ghostbusters and The Babadook, you have a variety of fall-esque movies at your disposal.


My fall wardrobe basically consists of worn jeans, flannels, sweaters, and big t-shirts. My go-to fall fashion stores are pretty much all thrift stores, and there is no better shopping buddy than your romantic interest. Shopping together is the perfect opportunity to give fashion advice, show off any good finds you’ve got, and maybe find a flannel that you can eventually steal from their closet. 

Even if you’ve been together for a long time, this is the perfect way to discover their preferences for what they like to wear, and maybe even what they like to see you in. Salt Lake has some great thrift stores, whether you head down to the DI, a more curated thrift store like Uptown Cheapskate, or something of an in between like The Other Side, you’re bound to find some hidden gems.

Halloween costume hunting

Whether you’re going together and need to find the perfect couples costume, or you both are looking for the right costume for your individual Halloween experiences, searching through costumes is a great conversation starter. You can discuss costumes you’ve worn in the past, costumes you’ve always wanted to wear, and even just funny Halloween stories.

Cuddling up at home and looking online at websites like Spirit Halloween,, or PartyCity is a good, comfortable alternative to foraging through Halloween and costume stores. However, there’s always a great charm in wandering chain stores like Zurchers, or finding a local costume shop and searching for the perfect costume to rent, buy, or be inspired from.

No matter if you’ve just started seeing someone new, have been with your significant other for years, or are popping through Tinder dates, fall is the perfect time to get your oxytocin flowing. Starting a new semester, inching towards winter, and facing the rest of the school year can bring anyone down, but nothing excites us quite like flirtation and love. Pursuing romantic affection doesn’t have to be expensive, boring, or disappointing, and these date ideas will be putting the right foot forward on your courting.

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