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Bec Rasmussen: Internship Extraordinaire

Bec Rasmussen is a Political Science and Business Marketing major here at the University of Utah.  She’s an Alpha Phi, an active Yogi and a vegetarian.  She’s been a Jazz dancer and her favorite color is lime green.  But why is she Her Campus Utah’s Campus Celebrity this week?

Bec has completed seven internships during her college career, the most recent being this Fall semester in Washington, D.C.  She worked in the Social Office at the White House, the office of the First Lady!  Some tasks required in this position include: helping with guest lists, checking up on guests, and running purses around.  Upon being asked how much contact with Michelle Obama she actually had, Bec says she was frequently in the same room as her and the President!

When the topic of her many internships arises, Bec tends to laugh and nod saying, “I’ve spent more time doing internships than actual classes.”  She’s a do-er, and sitting in classes talking about resumes is way less interesting to her than just getting it done and starting work at the Capitol.  She’s the organized, go-getter type of person who sets goals and accomplishes them. Her goals have changed drastically over the years though. She says, “Back when she was dancing for the Jazz, I was obsessed with dance then one day I just woke up and wanted to have a different effect on the world so, I got involved in politics!”

If you feel suddenly inspired to get out there and learn outside of a classroom setting, or if you’ve always wanted to do an internship, now is the time!

Check out the Career Services Office on Campus. Call (801) 581-6186 to make an appointment!

You can also email Student Success Advisor, Jennifer Molloy at jen.molloy@utah.edu to set up an appointment with her or another success advisor to talk about the right steps to put you on the career path you want to be on! 

Good luck Collegiettes™! 

Mietra Aarabi is an introvert disguised as an extrovert that is majoring in Art with a Painting and Drawing emphasis. She was one of the founding member's of the Alpha Phi chapter at the U in 2011 and is a co-editor in chief of Utah's Her Campus chapter with Ellie Briggs. She's an aspiring makeup artist as well as a mediocre yogi, occasional writer and hopefully, maybe, one-day a Creative Director and/or Designer (#goals) with way too many clothes and a serious lack of time and closet space. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter as @mietraaarabi! http://instagram.com/mietraaarabi
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