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The Beast is Back: The 24th Season of “The Bachelor” is Here

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

On January 6, 2020, the 24th season of The Bachelor premiered and BOY was it dramatic. Chris Harrison, the host of the beloved reality show, warned us that this would be the most dramatic season yet (as he says every season), and he was not kidding! The premiere kicked off with Peter Weber giving his monologue about how he’s ready to find love again after having his heart broken by Hannah Brown, a.k.a “the Beast”. Hannah was the bachelorette last season and she ended up getting engaged to a failed songwriter who had a girlfriend while competing on the show! Hannah discovered this after she got engaged to him and broke things off immediately, and now she’s back at the mansion wishing Peter luck on finding love. 


30 women arrived at the mansion that night and several of them took advantage of the fact that Peter was a pilot. They used all sorts of airplane puns to woo him but it was Hannah Ann who made a lasting impression. Peter awarded her the “first impression rose” during the first cocktail party of the season. This meant that he wanted her to stay another week at the mansion. Hannah Ann made quite an impression on the other ladies because she “stole” Peter away from several girls that night just to speak with him even though she already had her turn. SMH! Where are your manners, girl?!

After the cocktail party there is always a rose ceremony that ends with tears and sniffles for some. Peter sent home eight women on the first night. Usually this is when the episode would end, but we were blessed with a three-hour premier that took us to the first week of dates immediately after the ceremony ended. 

Group Date 1: Hannah Ann, Deandra, Kelley, Tammy, Courtney, Shiann, Victoria P., Jasmine, and Victoria F. 

Peter took nine of his potential wives on a group date to aviation school. They were asked some basic math questions and then sent to the gyroscope. Victoria P. had an anxiety attack because she did not want to take part in this activity. She gets motion sickness (same girl same!) and did not want to puke in front of her date (totally understandable). She ended up caving in and let Peter spin her around for a bit. When the gyroscope came to a complete stop she raced to the bathroom and threw up— poor thing )’: 

After the gyroscope, the girls faced the last challenge of the day. They had to compete in an obstacle course; whoever won would get to go on a private flight with Peter, and yes, he would be the pilot. Kelley ended up cheating, and she won the extra time with Peter. The two had previously met at a hotel in California where she was attending a wedding and he was attending his ten-year high school reunion. Funnily enough, that’s where the producers decided to send them after the flight along with the rest of the ladies from the group date. For the rest of the date there was some bickering, some smooching, and some relationships began to form.

Madison was awarded the first one-on-one date, and where does Peter choose to take her? Home to meet his parents during their vow renewal. She really connects with his family and they spend the night dancing and laughing and having a drama free night. 


Later in the week, Peter decides to take some more ladies on a group date: Alexa, Kelsey, Mykenna, Payton, Lauren, Sydney, Alayah, and Savannah. He takes them to a theater where they come face to face with the Beast! This is her second appearance this season and it’s only the first episode. She greets the group and tells them that their challenge for the day is to share a sex story in front of a live audience. She tells them this after she shares her own story about how she and Peter did it FOUR times inside of a windmill (not awkward at all). While the girls start writing their sex monologues, Peter finds Hannah Brown crying backstage because she regrets how she ended things with Peter. He asks her what her thoughts would be on coming back to the mansion after he reveals to her that he would have turned down being the Bachelor for her if she had reached out to him after her season had ended. 


Well…..that was quite the cliffhanger the producers left us! The premiere did not disappoint and I hope this filled you in on all the drama you might have missed!! The second episode has already aired so I’m going to find out if the Beast decides to come back to the mansion. See you next week ((:




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