even those we admire

were once strangers to the eye 

even the most magnificent lovers

lived before without each other 

and somehow still survived

sat still, breathing quickly all day

i could try to speak

but i am not sure i have much to say 

the rug is soft beneath my feet 

reminds me of last summer 

and the overwhelming heat

there are countless things that make winter my favorite season

but right now the cold has cracked my hands 

so i can’t seem to remember the reasons  

across the room the wooden chair is loudly creaking 

yet i kind of enjoy the sound

it’s as if someone is speaking 

lucky for me there’s still a little bit of light left outside 

i never like it when it’s dark 

it makes me feel less alive

i envision the colors of my dreams 

i look away from the shadows on the stairs 

everyone’s got their demons

who would like to share?

white flower Aaron Burden