Affordable Accessories to Update Your Wardrobe for Less Than $25

Being a broke college student usually means cutting back on restaurant meals, bar crawls, and spontaneous weekend getaways. Being a broke college student has also likely meant cutting back on your routine high school trips to the mall. While it definitely can be boring seeing the same pieces in your college wardrobe season after season, there is an easy way to spice up the wardrobe you can no longer afford to update with your major closet staples. Read on for three must-have accessories to update your closet ASAP this season. 

1. Barrettes 

Acrylic resin tortoiseshell barrette hair clip, Etsy, $13.79


I should remember from my elementary school days that I have hair that is just thin enough to cause a barette to slip around all over the place, but for some reason, I CANNOT stop obsessing over the tortoiseshell barrettes I've been seeing all over Instagram. lately. For winter, these would be the perfect compliment to a muted sweater and mom jeans. In warmer months, I picture these as the perfect compliment to striped tees and chambray shirts. I've had my eye on the pictured pick from Etsy, but this clip from Madewell is also especially cute. 


2. Hoop Earrings 

Chunky Medium Hoops, Madewell, $24

Much like barrettes, hoop earrings seem to be EVERYWHERE lately. I'm not much of a jewelry person myself, but I bought the chunky gold hoops pictured above for a sorority formal and I've been obsessed ever since. The Madewell option above is a decent bargain at $24, but for a cheap way to try out this trend, check out this pair from Forever 21. Gold hoops are a  great compliment to a chunky knit sweater, but also add some contrast to flowy blouses or silk camis. 

3. Bandanas 

Silk Skinny Bandanna, Madewell, $19.50

I am super late to the game on bandanas, but they caught my eye all over campus this past fall. A skinny bandana is a great way to multi-task this trend. You can tie the bandana in your hair for class, and then rock it around your neck with a white button-down at your internship. For a slightly more affordable option, try out this option from Urban Outfitters which comes in a variety of cute prints, including the classic red pattern. 

While college is certainly expensive, updating your wardrobe doesn't have to be. Any of the above accessories can add a dash of newness to your tired closet for under $25. Happy shopping, collegiettes!

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