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Need some new ways to study for your upcoming midterms?  Well, look no further!  Her Campus Utah is giving you 7 study tips to help you excel.  Feel free to comment below if you have a fun study tip not listed!

1. Study somewhere besides your home.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I don't accomplish much when I study at home.  There are so many distractions between family, my computer (hello, Facebook!), the TV, the kitchen and everything in between.  I get like 3 times as much homework done when I go to the library near my house.  Also now that Spring is coming, go sit out side AWAY from the world on a blanket and study your heart out for that upcoming midterm!

2. Have good, healthy snacks nearby.

I have to keep a water bottle and either string cheese, fruit, or an organic nutrition bar near me while studying.  It helps you think more clear because of the energy and nutrition it is providing (it's called brain food for a reason).  It is also a huge motivation booster,  as you are not so tempted to get up and go search for food out of hunger and boredom.

3. Listen to classical music.

I have found that when I am listening to classical music while doing my homework, I am a lot more effective at studying.  I seem to remember what I am reading better and for a longer period of time!

4.  Schedule study time in your day.

This may sound silly, but if I don't schedule a time to do my homework - it doesn't get done!  In my planner I will write "go to library to study!"  At the beginning of every single week, I write down every class I am taking and each assignment that is due that week even if it is something like "Read Chapter 8."  I am a very visual person and if I don't see it, I won't know I have to do it.  Besides, crossing off things on a to-do list feels so rewarding!

5. Reward yourself.

I love setting goals and achieving them.  That's probably why you are going to college right?  You have a goal to be successful, to make more money, gain more knowledge, and land your dream job!  Because some of those may be a few years away, why not reward yourself now?  It doesn't have to be a big reward, just big enough to excite you!  I go get a Mango Tango smoothie from Kneaders (my favorite drink EVER!).

6. Know what assignments & tests you have.
Know what homework you have coming up.  I call this my Sticky-Note system!  I write every single test and homework assignment on a sticky note and put it in my planner.  This way I can glance at my planner and know how heavy my homework load and how much time will need to be invested.  This also helps to stay on top of things and maybe turn in assignments earlier than the due date.
7. Highlight.
I used to be afraid to highlight. I thought it docked down the value of the book!  I soon foud out, if you are not highlighting you are wasting the money you spent on that textbook.   Highlighting allows you to pay more attention on the important details.  It also allows you to go back easily through the book and find all the important information you need.  


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