The 7 Stages of Preparing For a Midterm In Your Most Hated Class

We all have that one class that just makes our blood boil. Perhaps it is too difficult, perhaps it is a nonsensical class that some cruel administrator decided to make mandatory in your completely unrelated major, perhaps it is taught (or not taught) by a terrible professor. Whatever your situation, tackling the many “midterms” of your most hated class makes midterm season an especially difficult process. These are the seven stages of midterm season you will encounter this semester.


1. Complacency

The test (or paper) is so far away it’s like it doesn’t even exist… maybe if I pretend it isn’t happening, it won’t!


2. Reality Hits

What do you mean it’s next week!? Maybe I should start preparing….?


3. The horrible realization that you don’t know anything… like anything at all (despite having kept up on assignments... kinda)



4. The Review Sessions

- The TA who knows nothing…

Is this not your job…?

- Listening to the irritating girl who spends the entire SI session talking about how she’s gone to each of the three sessions that day before asking the TA for a “challenge” problem

Really Susan, nobody cares!


5. Realizing you still don’t know anything and living in the library

Why can’t I remember anything!?


6. The Breaking Point

*Note: this can occur any time after step 2 until after the exam. Symptoms include nausea, headaches, tears, and eventually a feeling of calm despair and acceptance of your fate


7. Doomsday…

The day has finally arrived! Are you ready? Well, it doesn’t really matter anymore, soon it will be over and you won’t have to worry until grades come out!


Never fear collegiates, you can do this! This semester will not last forever (it will only feel like it), and your most hated class will not define your future. If you need any further motivation, just think, you will never have to take this class ever again after this semester. Unless you fail.

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