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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

As we round out the month of January, we may be evaluating how well our New Year’s Resolutions are doing! It’s easy to fall behind on many resolutions, as we get into the swing into the “norm” of our day to day life, and our busy schedules can keep us from always making the healthiest choices. We may fall into the rut of just picking up take-out, or making whatever is easiest when we’re in a hurry. For collegiates on the go, here are seven simple food hacks that can make a big difference!

1) Pan Fry Your Food!- This tip may not be very common, but it can actually make a huge difference, especially when eating out. A lot of restaurants specify whether they deep or pan fry their dishes and pan fried with a little bit of cooking oil, rather than bread crumbs or whatever else goes into deep frying food is a much healthier option!

2) Spinach over Iceburg lettuce- This one may be hard because it can be a common misconception that any salad means you’re eating healthy, which is unfortunately not true. Iceberg lettuce actually doesn’t contain a whole lot of nutrients whereas with spinach, you get your daily doses vitamins, magnesium and calcium! 

3) Fresh Cheeses over “Low-Fat”- Let’s be honest, cheese is an admitted weakness of us all (or at least, most of us!) A common tactic is to steer for anything in the grocery store that claims to be “low-fat” however this isn’t the best idea. No, you shouldn’t be eating slices upon slices of cheddar, but some fresh goat, ricotta or  feta cheese is a much better substitute to the processed cheeses you’ll find that claim to be low-fat but include lots of preservatives. 

4) Extra Virgin Olive Oil- This may be one you’ve heard, but it’s effects are so underrated! Cooking with olive oil really does provide all the same flavors as butter in cooking without all the saturated fats!

5) Broth Based Soups- Make no mistake, many beloved tomato soups actually contain high amounts of cream and sugar, especially when eating out. Opt instead for a healthy broth with chunks of veggies/and or chicken for flavor and nutrients!

6) Sushi, sushi, sushi!- If you’re an avid sushi lover, good news! Fresh raw fish contains lots of opportunities for proteins and nutrients (if you’re opting for the right ones)/ Rather than diving into a tuna melt or greasy seafood dish, instead pick a roll with your favorite fish, vegetables and low-sodium soy sauce! 

7) Choose a healthier pizza- Let’s be honest, we all get the pizza craving that can be hard to curb! Luckily, there are some healthier alternatives that can end up saving you a lot of calories on your favorite pie. Instead of that deep dish, extra cheesy pizza, choose Domino’s thin crust and customize it with your favorite veggies as a much healthier alternative.

There you go collegiates! Seven simple hacks that can help you enjoy your favorite foods without the added guilt; good luck and stay healthy! 


Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor