7 Houseplants to "Spruce" Up Your Apartment This Semester

Has the beginning of the semester left you feeling lonely? Are you getting tired of the dead, winter landscape? Before you start stealing pets and locking them in a shed, consider getting a houseplant or two. In all seriousness, a few houseplants are just the thing to chase away those beginning of the semester blues and freshen up your workspace!


1. Weeping Fig Tree

This pretty little tree is bound to bring a smile to your face. Although this plant can be a bit of a drama queen and has a tendency to drop leaves when stressed (honestly what a mood), they are surprisingly resilient, making them a great choice for anyone who is concerned about the greenness of their thumb. Additionally, if you happen to live in a city with poor air quality, the Weeping Fig Tree is one of the most effective natural air purifiers you could have and is able to remove chemicals such as formaldehyde from your home.

Note: This plant is NOT pet friendly; take precautions if you have a dog or cat!


2. Amaryllis

This plant is sure to brighten up your living space with its spectacular, easy to grow blooms! Although this beautiful plant may look intimidating at first glance, the Amaryllis is surprisingly fast growing and low maintenance. As an added bonus, these plants are perennials and can be groomed to bloom each year.

Note: This plant is NOT pet friendly; take precautions if you have a dog or cat!


3. Spider Plants

Don’t let the creepy name of these guys scare you away! Spider plants, so called for their many leaves will add a wonderful modern aesthetic to your home. In addition to their pretty looks, Spider Plants have the wonderful benefit of being extremely hardy, which make them the perfect plant for the busy college student. Finally, Spider plants are very easy to propagate; treat your plant well and you may find yourself with an army of spiderlettes to give as gifts!

Note: This plant is pet friendly!


4. African Violets

The name African Violets actually refers to a genus rather than a single species, meaning you have many options to select the perfect plant for your home. African Violets are known for their colorful blooms, fuzzy leaves, and easy maintenance. For those of us who are busy (or have a tendency to forget to water), the African Violet is the perfect plant as under-watering rarely presents a problem for these heat and dry weather loving plants.

Note: This plant is pet friendly!


5. Geraniums

This flowering plant is a classic both indoors and outdoors. Although Geraniums are commonly thought of as an annual flower, if you choose to grow yours inside you will be pleased to discover that these plants can live for many years in the warmth of your home. Once again, these plants are relatively easy to care for providing you do not overwater.

Note: This plant in NOT pet friendly; take precautions if you have a dog or cat!


6. Christmas Cactus

If you are someone who hates the winter, a Christmas Cactus, named for blooming in the dead of December, is the perfect way to bring a little color to a gloomy world. As an added bonus to their unusual blooming time, the Christmas Cactus also features interesting segmented leaves as well as long-lasting flowers.

Note: This plant is non-toxic, but can make your pet a bit ill if they eat it.


7. Marimo Moss Ball

If you miss having a pet, but are not at a place in your life where you are able to care for one, why not have a plant that is also a bit pet-like. Marimo Moss Balls are actually cute little balls of algae that originate from lakes in Japan, but can be kept as part of an aquarium (or in their own separate little jar) with relative ease. Although Moss Balls are low maintenance in comparison with actual animals, they do require a bit more care than most of the other plants in this article due to their need for container cleanings and regular rollings to maintain shape.

Note: This plant is pet friendly!


Although taking care of a plant may seem like a daunting responsibility (particularly if you don’t have a naturally green thumb), I guarantee that your plant soulmate is out there waiting to brighten up your home and bring a splash of color to the grey winter landscape. Just make sure you know which plants are pet friendly before bringing them into your home (or shed). Happy planting!


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