6 Mouthwatering Instagram Accounts for the Obsessive Foodie

People disagree on many topics: political issues, whether the chicken or the egg came first, whose turn it is to take out the trash, etc. While many situations spur arguments, there's one thing we can all agree on: the importance of food. Food is what sustains us physically and emotionally. When trying to stay awake in spite of the monotonic voices that engulf you in the classroom, you engulf yourself in a grilled cheese. In attempting to forget the significant other who broke your heart, you break open the KitKat bar. Food is always there, and, thanks to Instagram, it really is always there. Here are six accounts that will definitely give you your food fix, and leave you salivating for more.

1. @foodie_favorites


This account always captures food at its best angle and best lighting. The account is full of mouthwatering color and vibrancy, and it capitalizes on comfort food. Consider all your comforting needs met.

2. @the_daily_bite_


There's so much variety, so much color, and so much love. This food blogger follows food specifically in California, New York, and Florida. Whether you're in the mood for sweet or savory, this is the place that never disappoints.

3. @thenaughtyfork

One of the best food accounts to grace Instagram is @thenaughtyfork. Not only does the account capture all types of food from cheesy pizza to poached eggs, but it also offers unique tutorials for food. The tutorials include donut waffles, crockpot slutty brownies, and more.

4. @fitfoodaddiction


For all those who are trying to get that summer body, this healthy account satisfies your food cravings in the freshest way possible. It may not be dripping in grease and cheese, but it makes healthy food actually look appealing. You essentially lose five pounds just by browsing alone. Six-pack here we come!

5. @burgerjunkies

Only the best beef is featured on this account. Burgers from all different types of joints, with all different types of buns and condiments, grace this account with their sizzling goodness. If you're a vegetarian before viewing this account, you'll be converted into an enthusiastic carnivore by the time you're done.

6. @nonstopeats

This account primarily features street foods and hipster foods at their finest. This account is always up to date and continually posting which means your hunger cravings will be satisfied around the clock.


While there are many instagram accounts out there, these select few are truly blessed with the ability to make food look delicious and beautiful in their own ways. Guaranteed, you will be left with your stomachs growling, your mouths watering, and the need to try EVERYTHING you see.