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4 Tips On How to Survive a Long Flight

Spring break is just around the corner for most universities, as is the traveling season in general. Whether you are about to depart on that international trip you’ve been planning for six months, or your post-midterm brain panicked and booked a last minute flight in hopes of forgetting the college life for a week, or maybe you are embarking on your volunteering endeavors halfway across the world just like me, I have the four tips you NEED to make it through this flight. It’s going to be rough, but it’ll be worth it!

TIP #1

Wear Comfy Clothes (basically pjs)

Listen to me very carefully. As someone who is all about trying to look her best all the time, regardless of situation, I know what you are thinking. Do not do it. If your flight is more than eight hours long, the last thing that should be on your mind is making a good impression or airplane pics. I don’t know why this is, but stylish clothes are never the easiest or comfiest to wear. Cuter the clothes, the more awkward you’re going to feel rearranging your entire being in that tiny airplane seat. Beauty is pain, but maybe we can aim for a relaxed, lounging around aesthetic? Airports are stressful enough as it is without having to scramble to take off your fancy boots, belts, jackets, etc. at the felt-up security station, while there is a mob of people behind you. Do you and everyone a favor and put down the high waisted jeans and grab your cutest lounge clothes instead. May I suggest some black leggings and an oversized sweater? It will make you feel more relaxed about the sometimes hectic situations flying can bring forth. Plus, no one said comfy can’t be cute…


TIP #2

Bring Your Own Pillow

The thought of having to lug your own pillow around the airport can seem daunting at first, but having it with you far outweighs the cons of carrying it plane to plane. Here’s why: you already know it’s comfortable and you can sleep on it without worry because you already do normally every night! The “pillows” the flight crew places on your seats are not sleep compatible in my opinion. The pillows are smaller than the average human’s head which of course is the biggest problem of all! Not to mention that there isn’t nearly enough fluff to cushion my head against the pillow and whatever surface I’m placing it against. This is the biggest regret I had on my 13-hour flight, I wimped out on bringing my own pillow and I paid the consequences for it. I can still feel the kinks in my neck. .

TIP #3

Get To Poppin’

Sleeping pills are the only way to go. The only way. There is no other option. Especially if you aren’t a very experienced flyer, or this is your first long or possibly even international flight, you are going to want something to help you relax and catch those zzzzzz. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty stressed out getting onto the plane because of the time crunch, passport regulations, with TSA rummaging through my carry on and then a little uneasy on the plane from the occasional turbulence and the shear thought of being stuck in that small space for 13 hours. I popped one sleeping pill in and I was out like a lightbulb. I recommend only ingesting sleeping pills or liquid medicine that you have previously taken just in case your body doesn’t respond properly to it. I would especially pay attention to this tip if you are an uneasy or scared flyer.

TIP #4

Headphones Are Your Only Hope, My Dear Friend

Escaping into your own little world for as long as humanly possible is the only way you are going to be able to get through this. Whether you are plugging in your headphones to listen to your music, watch some of the movies the airplane provides, to read a novel or two, or to plug everyone else out, they are a game changer. I used my headphones multi-purposely, and rotated between watching a film, drowning out the turbulence with my tunes, and to read my book. I highly suggest taken the different mediums in sections to break the time up, it made the time go by much quicker.


Whenever your long distance flight comes around, no matter the time, I hope these four tips help you ease into your first step towards your new adventure. Stay positive and happy flying!

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