4 Things You Should Actually Try In College

Every college movie features some conversation about sex – whether it’s the classic American Pie hope to lose your virginity before getting to college, some advice to have as much sex as possible from the last person you want to imagine having as much sex as possible, or the ever-looming stereotype of the ‘experimental’ college girl, most lists of things to try in college turn real NSFW real quick.

And, truthfully, these lists and advice aren’t without any base – college is a time to explore what you’re comfortable with, to really examine who you are and what you like, to grow and change in ways you couldn’t in high school. But who says that only has to be related to sex? Exploration of the self should come in all forms – sexual and otherwise! So here’s my list of things we should all try at least once while we’re in college.

1. Let it all grow out (and shave it all off)

We’re all adults now (well, most of us), and that means we grow hair. For some of us, that means a lot of it, and for all of us there’s social stigma surrounding body hair in all areas. Some people hit college and have a body hair routine they’re comfortable with, and their tendency is to stick to it. But if you’ve never given a different hair look a shot, college is the perfect time to try it!

If you’re used to shaving everything off, give yourself a month to try not shaving at all. Feel the wind flowing through your leg hair! See how soft your body hair becomes once it’s left alone for a while. If you’re used to keeping it natural, try shaving it (even if it’s just a little), see how soft your skin is and force your friends to feel how smooth your legs are.

2. Eat a meal alone

For as individualist as America is, there is a definite social stigma surrounding being alone, and especially doing typically social activities alone. Eating out, particularly, is seen as a very social activity – hell, ‘brunch’ is a social market in and of itself. But, let’s be honest, food deserves our undivided attention, at least every once in a while.

So take a Sunday (or a Monday, or any day that works for you), go to your favorite restaurant and eat a meal alone. Whether you just scroll on your phone the whole time, or just take your time choosing your meal, and really enjoying your food, it is worthwhile to actively experience eating a meal alone.

3. See a movie alone

We’ve all had those moments – you really want to see a movie, but none of your friends are interested, and the few who are don’t have any time to see it with you. Obviously some of us have just chosen to see the movie alone, but many haven’t, and those who have know that it’s a very different experience. When you watch the movie, you’re not concerned about what the people around you are thinking, or how they’re reacting, it truly becomes much more of a personal experience.

4. Buy a sex toy

You know I had to finish off the article with some mention of sex, and what better way than to bring up everyone’s sexual relationship with themselves? It’s often overlooked, but the relationship you have with sex is largely influenced by your internal sexual relationship. If you only ever experience your sexuality when you’re with someone else, it’s really hard to tell what it is you actually like.

Research is definitely your friend – the experience of finding what it is that turns you on, what you like the idea of is one of the first steps in really exploring your personal sexuality. Physical intercourse with another person is great, but having a sexual experience alone is an entirely different, personal practice that can influence your relationship with yourself, and with sex.

Obviously you won’t necessarily like all of these things you’ll try – maybe you’ll really, really hate eating alone, or sex toys – but the experience of trying these things could teach you something about yourself, what you like, and why you like them. Self-exploration is one of the many cornerstones of being young adults – everyone is poking fun of us for being ‘experimental,’ so why not give into the stereotype for a little while and try something out of your comfort zone?

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