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4 Reasons You Need to Take a Self-Defense Class

Every girl knows how to S-I-N-G thanks to Sandra bullock aka Gracie Lou Freebush. However, that isn’t going to help in every situation. If you have never taken a self-defense class here are a few reasons why you should go sign up! 

1. Kicking ass is fun!

Who knew that learning how to defend yourself could be fun? When you knock someone to the ground you feel a sense of pride. Flipping a guy 80 pounds heavier than yourself gives you a weird rush.

2. Bonding with friends.

By going with your friends you get to try some moves on each other. You will never be closer to your friend than when you are kicking their leg or choking them…physically and emotionally.

3. Empowering!

One of the best feelings is power. By knowing how to defend yourself you also give yourself the feeling of power. After a self-defense class you feel like you could take on anything. Not only do you get to try the techniques but they are also done to you. This shows you that they work and can give you more confidence in your new abilities.


4. You might need it…

Lets face the facts, one in four college women will be sexually assaulted. The chances of this happening to someone you know, or yourself, are high. If you are in a situation where a guy is being too aggressive the techniques you learn in a self-defense class can be the difference between a horrible night and a trip to the emergency room.

When I first went to a self-defense class I was scared.  By the end of the class I was so glad I had taken the opportunity to gain some knowledge. It may take a minute but go get out of your comfort zone and learn something useful.

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