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4 Reasons to Visit “Lillies of the Fields” Thrift and Consignment Shop Right Now

I’ve always been a sucker for a good thrift store. When I wandered my way into Lillies of the Fields Thrift Shop, located on 1401 A South Main in Salt Lake City on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I just had to take a look around. The shop was stuffed to the brim with everything from antiques to clothing—a jackpot for someone like me. But there are several things that sets this shop apart from its counterparts. 

The store is run by a vibrant Mary Daniels, who has “always been a helper of people,” to put it in her own words. She grew up in Tennessee and watched her father make a living “hustling” as they called it—selling goods to make money. Now, a businesswoman herself, she has been operating her shop for four years with the goal of helping formerly incarcerated folks, the homeless, and refugees get back on their feet. Read on for the top four reasons you should visit!

Genuine Customer Service

As soon as I opened the door to the shop, I heard a friendly voice calling from the back to “come on in.” Mary’s enthusiasm for her job and desire to help those around her is apparent to everyone she meets. Several previous customers have left gushing reviews. Here are just a few of their remarks:

“The owner was very helpful and incredibly kind.”

“Mary is such a lovely woman and kind hearted.”

“The owner, Mary, was one of the kindest shopkeepers that I’ve encountered, ever.”

One customer even wrote in all caps that Mary “loves people more than money,” and that “just meeting her helped [them].”

Supporting a Great Cause

Mary began reaching out to the homeless population near pioneer park when her own son took to the streets in 2008. Although he wouldn’t receive her help personally, he referred others to her that desperately needed food and clothing assistance. This desire to help the needy sparked an idea that led to the creation of Lillies of the Fields. On the business’ Yelp page, Mary explains that her “prices are geared to help those in need and are extremely low.” The store also supports a prisoner release program and donates items to people being released from prisons. 

A Great Experience

You never know what you’ll find in Lillies of the Fields–just the way I like it! Half the fun of thrifting is never knowing what you’re looking for and always being surprised when you find a treasure. I found three lovely sweaters for an extremely low price. Others have been delighted in their finds too:

“This shop has ALL sorts of treasures to find. If you need household items, toys, clothes, or just enjoy good thrifting, this is an excellent store. I was really impressed by the selection and prices!”

“We bought a beautiful washer table that was in excellent condition. I’m excited to have it in my home. I will be back!”

“Love love love this shop, so many treasures and she will help you find something perfect.”


Some thrift stores claim to have steals, but the only thing they seem to be stealing is your wallet. Mary’s thrift store will not disappoint in this area! I found three sweaters in great condition and was only charged $12! Other shoppers have been satisfied with the prices as well:

“Mary is a saint, this is a beautiful, special place, and very affordable. “

“I was really impressed by the selection and prices!”

At the end of my thrifting on that Saturday afternoon, Mary gave me a big hug, the good kind where you feel like your insides might be squished right out of you. She may never be featured on Business Insider or make the Fortune 500 list, but the list of lives she has and continues to touch is endless. Make sure to add Lillies of the Fields Thrift and Consignment shop to your list of Salt Lake Shops to visit!

Find out more on Lillies of the Fields’ website or Facebook page.

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