4 Huge Reasons to Apply for Her Campus at the U

As the Director of Recruitment for the University of Utah’s Her Campus chapter, I feel it is my moral duty, to let you know about the importance of joining Her Campus! Here are just a few (of MANY) reasons as to why you should apply to be a part of our organization!!


1. It’s a Great Place to Make Friends

If you’re just starting out at the U, or simply want to meet some new people, Her Campus is a great place to meet new people who are passionate about a lot of different things! From com. majors to pre-med students, our staff truly has it all. Along with that, one of the best parts of Her Campus is getting the rare opportunity to learn about someone by reading the articles on the topics they're passionate about. Not only will it help widen your social circles, but will broaden your friend horizons (you may even meet your new best friend). 


2. It’s Great to Have on a Resume

Being a part of Her Campus.com will actually set you apart from a lot of other candidates for whatever you plan on doing after college. Even if you’re not a Communication or Humanities major, it will specifically make you shine, because it shows that you are a well rounded college student, with a diverse portfolio of interests. 


3. You're Given Ultimate Creative Freedom

If you’re looking for a group of people to have your back, Her Campus is a really great fit. Our staff offers a safe space for you to be able to write about how you feel, what you’re passionate about, and what your opinions are without restricting your creative visions. We want every collegiate on our staff to be able to express how they feel and what they care about freely. And what's better than creative freedom? 


4. There's Always a Recruitment Event or Bonding Night Around the Corner 

Her Campus is great place to explore your artistic passions whether it be through photography, videography, or writing. It’s also a great environment to network with your future work colleagues at our fun-filled recruitment events like our Summer Carnival, and our Hot Chocolate with Her Campus winter recruitment. And because everyone is enthusiastic, and we also throw some of the most Pinterest worthy parties around campus.


If you think that Hercampus is the right fit for you, and even if you’re iffy on it, please apply! And if you’re still on the fence, come to our event “Her Carnival” on September 12 at the Union Building! It’s also important to note that you do not have to be a cis female to join Hercampus, we are looking for people of all genders and backgrounds to apply. We can’t wait to see your application! 


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