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3 Ways To Make This Year Better Than Last

After reflecting on the past few years of my life and all of the changes I’ve experienced, I realized that not every year is going to be perfect. However, going into this year I have high hopes. I know what aspects of my life I want to change in order to become my best self. I tend to be unorganized at times, so one of my New Years “resolutions” this year was to be more organized. While thinking about some of the things I wanted to stay consistent in doing this year, I thought it would be a good idea to share just a few tips that I personally feel will help make this year a success.


If 2018 taught me anything, it’s to write everything down. In doing this personally I have been able to visualize some amazing ideas for my future. Where ever you may be, if creativity hits, it’s always a good idea to jot your ideas on paper. It wasn’t really until I took a creative writing class this past semester that my professor instilled in our brains, “just write it down.” I feel like I’ve benefitted quite a bit from this. As a college student, I think getting a notebook specifically for writing, thoughts, art, or anything really is a good idea. It’s always useful to have an outlet to be able to be creative and authentic.


Setting goals and sticking to them. Each year seems to come and go faster than the last, so sometimes New Years resolutions don’t always go as planned. In the new year, everyone wants to make a change, but it takes time to grow and actually make those changes. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, come up with concrete goals. Even just simply making a list of specific things that a person wants to do can really motivate them to actually do those things. Whether it’s consistently working out everyday or traveling to Paris, making note and envisioning goals can sometimes give you the extra confidence boost you need.


Something I personally believe everyone could benefit from is being mindful and being present in the moment. In this day and age everyone is pretty much addicted to their iPhone, myself included. You literally can’t go anywhere without seeing people on their phones, and there’s no problem with that, it’s just something that’s inevitable these days. As a college student in this generation, I genuinely feel like it would be very beneficial for many of us to not focus on technology, social media, etc. as much as our own, real life. Sometimes a little break is all you really need.


These are just a few things that I feel like can help me improve my life overall this year. I’ve set a lot of personal goals for myself and I think everyone should do the same. It’s okay to be selfish on your own terms, especially when it comes to achieving goals and making a future for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dedicate the year to yourself, you deserve it.

Delaney is a recent 2020 graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Strategic Communication. She feels very passionate about her writing and has enjoyed being apart of a woman empowered online magazine like Her Campus.
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